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July 18th, 2013

Yooo Tribe and Family …

A few of us are working on this concept, and D and I were discussing the keys of interface between consciousness and the synaptic structure,with respect to the most effective keys to reconfigure the unfortunate “ruts” into which humankind so often falls.  One of the books he wrote about us has a huge discussion on this, IIRC.  🙂  Then we decided to combine our games. *<twinkles>*  So, we set about introducing memes into the cultural matrix.  It is going pretty well so far.  Asking effective questions.  So we began with FIJA, where it has been pretty effective.  And we wrote on the Common Law.

Ethics=Applied L*gic for Humankind.

We were both convinced, prior to D’s escape, that L*ve and its electromagnetic manifestations (on a level far, far smaller than mouse whiskers, I might add, 🙂 ), was the most effective form of energy which could be structured. We began to work to present this concept for the universal utilization of humankind, through audiences we might best reach.  Simply teaching other humans the highly effective means of manifestation which is L*ve.  I do not mean how you love spinach, either, or your new convertible.  I mean L*ve.  From Spirit.

Try it.  It is pretty cool stuff.  Operate from L*ve.  Just do it when you feel you can.  Take a test drive.  🙂  YMMV.

But also allow for the L*gic of justice, which is an expression of social balance, after all.  Doug was adamant that we must “let logic roll!”  His term.  Through liberty’s tool, justice, we seek as humans to restore social, village, town, tribe, and global balance.  Doug and I have both written a whole bunch on this.  Think of the fantastic opportunities of non-local potential particles. 🙂  We have been thinking about this.  We game on.  I am laughing most brightly.

So, in case you want to play with us, there are a lot of other *<twinkles>* tribe members thinking about this stuff out there.  


iloilo 18 July 2013




Post Traumatic Stress

July 14th, 2013

Have you thought about this?

I have been noticing  a whole host of treatment options, modalities, and opportunities for healing the mental illness/medical condition known as PTS –Post Traumatic Stress.  This is a significant example of treating a symptom rather than the illness.

For if we look around, we will find that the primary infectious activity causing PTS is warfare.

The solution is elegantly simple.  One can prevent PTS by ending wars.  It would stop probably 98% of all cases of PTS.

As we lovingly encourage young people to avoid drinking and driving; as we encourage them to protect and care for themselves; let us also encourage them to avoid the military/industrial complex and its activities.  Start with the children who mow your yard, who work at the local gas station, who serve your morning coffee.  Teach them.

Peace Prevents and Heals PTS.

iloilo 14 July 2013


Anarchy or Chaos?

May 15th, 2013
Humankind discusses chaos as we go through these light-shifts of awareness.
Yes, chaos precedes change.  In fact, without some chaos, we could not create.  In Asian mythology, much of the dragon symbolism is tied to both destruction and creation, for it is out of destruction (perhaps the cutting down of  a tree) that creation (perhaps the building of a boat) can take place.
We will leave the quantum physics of it for a bit later; for a better lexicon.

On a more fundamental level of self, of course, we cannot create a new paradigm for ourselves without the breaking apart of the old paradigm bonds which held us at our prior level of conditioning/thinking.  Life* is about evolution, after all, and if we are not participating in life and its learning process, we are doing less than living.  That doesn’t mean it is easy for us, but it is appropriate if we wish to have our Hero journeys.

I think that since the time Doug was diagnosed, I have witnessed so many old paradigms being smashed into little bits and being replaced with new, crystalline clarity of expanded paradigms, at least for me,  at such a fundamental level of awareness, that I can even name some of them:

Concepts arising from fundamental awareness are Universal in nature.

Awareness, or consciousness, is eternal.
Families are more of spirit than blood.  Doug and I called ours Tribe, or Spirit Family. (Same here at this fire, of course.)
Love can transcend all limitations.  Really. 😉
I am far less limited than I admit.  But there is comfort in the familiar boundaries I created, so I look for positive incentives to change.  Jumping out or ruts, we called it.
There are unlimited positive incentives for change.  Love, laughter and abiding appreciation of beauty  and magnificence are among them.
I can change my boundaries, beliefs, and actions with intentional consciousness, as we called it.
I am no longer sure we have any limits.
I am worthy of far more love than I heretofore knew existed. 😉
In many situations where one might consider death the only option, there remain other options, perhaps an unlimited number of options. 😉
There are bigger Plans and more beautiful Paths than I can at present comprehend.;)

Yes, as people abandon war, and abandon initiating violence, we will begin to see less chaos.  Is not war chaos?

(I have written a lot about this hour being the time to quit using clubs and all their humankind manifestations.
Through cooperative, voluntary, peaceful, Agorist Anarchy, we can begin to learn cooperative peace.   Not coercive peace, which is what governments pretend to impose with their warfare, but cooperative peace that does not need any politicians of self-styled “leaders”  for humans to be in accord.

I am wonderfully blessed to be a part of the international Agora and Peace communities.  I am often asked to speak or write of alternatives for humankind that are based on voluntary cooperation, free markets* (a comment on this in a moment), non-coercive social structures, and peaceful ways to live.

*Someone commented negatively on a ticket (to hear the Dali Lama) that someone had “scalped” to someone.  Why is this bad?  There was no coercion or fraud: two individuals voluntarily agreed to an exchange of value. Perhaps the seller needed the money to pay for, say, vet fees for a beloved pet.  Perhaps the buyer came into funds to go at the last minute and was happy to pay the asking price.  This was a peaceful, voluntary exchange between two people.  Let them be.  Who are we to make a judgement on this?  We would all like to see the heart-warming act of someone giving someone a ticket out of love, but there may be reasons of love behind the actions of these people of which we know nothing.  To condemn such a transaction because our government-saturated culture condemns free markets and free exchanges does not make this action in any way unethical: no force or fraud was used, and that is the test for ethical human actions, is it not?

The veil of government protection is pervasive in this societal structure, and it is a silly drama without basis among those with an understanding of human nature.

For you see, humans do not elect morally superior people: they elect financially and photogenically superior people, if “superior” is the right words to use.
Humankind now begins to learn the fundamental difference between chaos and anarchy, which is self-governance, after all. Government preaches fear of chaos.  Chaos and anarchy are not at all the same social structure. 
True leaders arise naturally among people (once they are not indoctrinated by mass media conditioning) and are leaders because they LIVE the good and ACT from the good.  Thus they are leaders.   And some who posture as leaders for a government based on coercion, force, and fraud, will be shunned.  Cast out.  Peace will prevail, so come join us on this side of the chasm.
There are mighty dragons shifting the scenery of this drama on Mother Earth, and all around us, there is chaos.  
If we will stand in our own center of peace and ethical action, we can serve as light-bringers for others around us.  And that is the most remarkable and wonderful change that I see growing out of the chaos.
*remember, when I said, a long time ago, that Life is Awareness making Love with Existence.
 Aren’t we the Awareness?  What are You, God, Creating as you Make Love with the Infinite IS?

~toward entelechy

“Let us study here on Earth the things that mean most in Heaven.”

Attention: The Old Paradigm is Dead

April 20th, 2013

As I posted elsewhere, I don’t think it matters whom they elect as Pope.  The fundamental contradiction endures, and until it is resolved, the western churches will not stand in balance with Truth and Life on Earth, nor in balance with Humankind.

I believe that the only salvation for the Holy Church is to recognize the Holy Wife of Jesus, Mary, whom they have turned into a whore, after She shared the good news with His men that Her Husband had Returned.  I am sure you have read that much of the Dead Sea Scrolls. She was the One with unconditional faith, even through witnessing what Humankind calls a human death.  She knew.  She kept watch.

Mary and Jesus wanted Humankind to know that we are each carrying the seeds of Holiness and Infinite Possibility within us.  They were Partners.  They defied the ruling patriarchy, as would any  good Anarchists.  They were peaceful, and Their swords were Logic and Love.  Theirs is a shared message of Love, Loyalty, Truth and Grace;  and I will toss in Beauty and Humor as well; and all the endless manifestations of these Gifts.

We need balance now, not the old Matriarchy nor the old Patriarchy. We humans must have balance.  Interestingly, it is possible that humankind’s evolution hangs in the balance. We must recognize the Absolute Holiness of each other, the equality and worth of each other.

The old paradigm is dead.

Let us build a new one through peaceful cooperation and voluntary association.

Let us start by demanding that governments disarm. They can set a good example of peaceful people for the rest of us.  As any good leader would do.

Let us ask the Vatican use its treasures to feed the poor of the world.  As any good Holy One would do.

Let us stop Fighting.

No one need let us.  We can just choose to live this way, and expect the same of others.

We are capable of far better problem resolution games than those old club-swinging, bloody games, aren’t we?  9They call them war games, you know, for a reason: none of them are necessary.)  Look very closely at the juvenile bullies who are swinging the clubs, please.  Are these your wise and cautious leaders, who will lead you to a better land?

Is it time for another Exodus with wise and peaceful, thoughtful and honorable Leaders?

And, better yet, how about a new game, one without bullies?  More like Chess, or Scrabble.

The old paradigm is dead.

Might no longer makes right.

The world now sees what has been transpiring, and is interested.   We must learn to work together, men and women, and heal this Earth.

I say, let the new adventure begin!   I am ready for voluntary, cooperative experiments in Peace.

Let the governments and the churches begin to lead by example.

It is what Good leaders do, after all.


iloilo  20 April 2013


Pretty Clear Message, Is It Not?

April 10th, 2013

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Leave whatever little darkness is left in you behind and step into the light of The Universe. ~ Creator

War is Wasteful #1

March 31st, 2013

The welfare of the people in particular has always been the alibi of tyrants, and it provides the further advantage of giving the servants of tyranny a good conscience” 

 Albert Camus: French novelist, essayist, and playwright.1957 Nobel Prize for Literature. 1913-1960
I would comment: only if the servants are un-thinking automatons.
iloilo  Easter Sunday 2013                                                                                      

Library at Alexandria

March 29th, 2013

This was an incredibly significant day for me.  Hypatia taught here.  I was in wonderment to walk where she walked, to see the Sea she saw. (I did that on purpose 🙂  word games.)

To walk the streets that were laid out by Alexander, and find the city and its people of such grace and enchantment.  The people of Egypt are some of the most gracious I have met, and as I have written about them elsewhere on this blog, they are of a lost nobility, now peacefully reclaiming their birthright which was stolen, hidden, and hoarded by despots, politicians, and war-makers.  A beautiful people, of so many religions and races, yet living in more peace with each other every passing day.

Hello! to everyone who is in Egypt reading this.  Blessings!  You friends in China, too!



Good Friday   29 March 2013



Library at Alexandria

Do Something Free and Extraordinary!

March 23rd, 2013

Greetings Tribe,
I send everyone good wishes from Montana, where I am watching a snow storm begin to scuttle across the Divide, riding on the stampeding wind. It is slate blue over there to the West, where the clouds are spilling down on Helena. I am still in sunshine out here.

Very Good News!
I have permission to run, to play on any and all of our equipment we had here for Playing in Shape. Some is in the forest, some is in the media room/library. They are resurfacing my track this next couple of weeks as well. Life is good.

I am mixing the paints for the new design for the rainfly. I am drawing my new banner. Our old one is folded away. I have my own banner this year.

It is Spring. Time to prepare gear for adventures, because even if I am not climbing, I WILL be in the mountains, on the waters, or in the sky. I hope to visit new places in Alaska, and then maybe return to the known paths of the Winds. There is time for both.

Two girlfriends and I have been talking about picking up a circumnavigation that was begun years ago, before our darling, magnificent, and wonderful Husbands intervened. Husbands can be an entirely excellent adventure. Definitely no complaints here. But we did not get across the Pacific to some places we wanted to go. She is in Trinidad right now, not under sail. So, we are sort of half-heartedly pondering this possibility, but I don’t think any of us are very serious about it this year. Two are playing other places with their Husbands. It may be that the two married couples will put her under sail this year, or next, but it is nice to dream about Tahiti. 🙂

One brother suggested that we would need to be careful of pirates, three or four women alone, oh my! Maybe we should take a chap along. Maybe him. Can’t you tell he is a politician? Created a scare, and then offer a solution which requires his presence, or input, or stolen money. It is so incredibly laughable. We laughed and laughed, and suggested that he go peddle his fear to someone he could scare. We know we are a superb set of humans, with excellent skills. Any one of us can outdraw and outshot him, for goodness’ sake, if we need protection.! We are all far superior cooks, and equal or better sailors. And better conversationalists, too. He has never done honest work, except maybe before he was thirty or so, and began his “career.” I am laughing robustly.

Politicians: they sell you a scare, and then offer their solution. Stop feeling grateful. Laugh at them. Lean on the Tribes you have, where you can Trust people. Doug told me some stories about some politicians he knew, and we laughed and laughed at their predictable antics. They keep telling us that humans will mess up big time if left alone without politicians. They encourage us to fear each other. They try to scare us, and to set us against one another. Fling the fear back at them. Laugh at them.

Most humans on Earth manage to have voluntary, free market systems that keep us fed, clothed, shod, connected, and making a living, and there are cultures with fewer politicians that are doing it even better.

So, let us try to meet somewhere in the mountains where the Armed Ones will be not so inclined to attempt armed robbery. I am open to good suggestions, for I far prefer honest pirates to politicians and their ilk, who hide behind some sets of bureaucratic papers which I, for one, never agreed to obey.

I think I will bring our ice tower banner, too, come to think of it. 🙂 🙂 I am once again laughing most robustly.

This will be a fun year.

Are you still here?
Quit wasting your time reading this stuff, and go do something free and extraordinary, for you are made of Star and Earth stuff, and this Earth is our playground (perhaps this Solar system, huh?), as well as our responsibility, come to that. Humankind creates better when feeling happiness. Go play.

I am going. The wind is battering my sense of space, the Sun and clouds are shadow dancing, and I am going out to walk my balance logs and skip around a bit.

Go play. This is Your Life, after all, so make it an Extraordinary, Magnificent One. I certainly intend to continue doing so.  Be your masterpiece.
* < twinkles > *
iloilo  22 March 2013

Draft for Peace

March 20th, 2013



Dear Ones,

As da D often commented, with infinite patience in his voice, “Humankind is a young species.”
I write this especially to the women who visit here, for we have the most to gain and the least to lose.  And to all men who know they  have much to gain as well.  We might be able to keep our sons and daughters alive this time, as the specter of holocaust and genocide steps out from behind veils called government and/or other veils called religion.

For we are called by Spirit, we Beings of the Infinite Light of our Master. We are called to be who we are.  We are the Human expression of the Holy Spirit.  We are One With Our Maker. We are each worthy of Life and all its promise, without fear.  We are worthy of our Maker’s Love.  You, all on your own, without politicians or priests, are already Most Worthy, Dear One.

I begin by saying that I hope everyone here is keeping their self-defense supplies dry and well-cleaned. And that we are all finding time to practice, but no longer on each other, because you are no longer allowed to live by the sword.  It is a rule of the New Dispensation.  We are all going to learn to Stop Fighting.  Just giving up one bad habit.  Is that so tough?

Nothing said here is to encourage you to put down your swords or stones, your arms or slings.

Much written here is meant to encourage you to sell your cloak and purchase a sword, if you need one. Or make a good sling or bow.

Everything here is meant to tell you that you can find better ways to live than by warfare or  fear and fraud,  if you are one who will take the Path of Honor.

For there is a better way, which allows us to use a more mental, rather than metal, means of warfare, and wins more minds, as well as saving more lives.  If you are one who would take the Path of Honor, come join us.  We need each other, if we are going to save the species.

There are better methods for living together as a species than slavery, warfare, and all those other expressions such as “might makes right” or “fright makes right”.

There is reason.

Well-defended reason.

As we say out here in Montana:
“Make friends with your neighbors. But brand your calves.”

Be friendly and peaceful to all. Go well-armed. Trust only those who are trustworthy in all respects, and who live and walk Paths of High Honor, knowing their own worth from their Maker, and living up to that Worth.


Why can we go to the Moon, and yet cannot live as peacefully as do whales, who have no politicians nor priests, and to whom the Maker most obviously gave the majority of this planet?

Are we the only species messing things up, here on Earth?

Let us not take our bad habits into the Solar System as whole, please.  Give up your greed, you one percenters.  Help others.  Emulate those generous ones.

Learn to ask effective questions, for effective questions can save humankind from this insanity.

My Sisters, we must help our men to save the species; they can not do it alone, nor is it their burden. We stand equal and as Worthy as are they.  We must take our place at their side, in peace, and help each other.  It is time, my Sisters, to take off our drab camo of female dependency, and stand in our own radiant light, teaching ZAP, cooperation, and voluntarism in the Agora.  Teach when a student appears.  Let us work with the men to teach and restore peace. We still have illness, disease, hunger, poverty, and a myriad of humankind puzzles to solve, if we can only get past this living by the sword insanity.

Since it is almost one of the Special Days, please be as Christ-like as possible. For we can not any of us live any longer by the sword; by the armed robbery called taxation.  Nor can we store up vast treasures on Earth while one child is hungry or one person homeless.  Do you hear me, churches?  What is your mission, after all?  To have a store of gold and gems, or to feed those in need?  Leave the bed of government, and return to your Path, or perish.

It is time to decide on which side of the line of demarcation we will stand, each as indiviudal humans. There is a line in the sand. You live by the sword or by your own value in a free market.  If you choose to cross over, as so many have before you, we will help you to find work, a place to live, and an opportunity to live your life on the path of high Honor. But you must take an oath. And be willing to live by it.  You are responsible for your own soul.  Honor is a choice, a challenge, and sometimes a Cross.

There is only the peaceful way, or the way of the sword. We must be warriors. Trained and armed. But it is also our time to show where we stand, by choosing Not to live by the sword, taking a share of the stolen plunder, if we are still within the beast.  Come out, and we will help you to survive.  Find yourself, your soul, and your talent, and come join us. It is time. The Days are Upon Us.

Those who live by the sword will die by the sword. And do not listen to those who teach fear as their trade, for they lack faith in our Creator. “Fear Not, For I Am With You Always” It was a very good message, and one we need to fully understand these days when Peace will save humankind. If we continue to live by the sword, we shall die by the sword. The end of the old paradigm happened last December while we celebrated another Special Day. We do not gather for Celebration on the Special Days of Joy for no reason. All that Happy Energy. 🙂

Those who live by the sword … you know the rest. Help your loved ones find honest work, outside of government. Hire those you can, if you hold that position. If not, offer to help those still living by the sword who can be saved a way to step away from those who live by the sword.
The Days of Healing and Resurrection, dear ones, are upon us.

And do not rely on those of the cloth, or badge, or ballot, or book, to save you. Open your own Most Worthy Spirit to your Most Worthy Master, and say, “I Am.”


Light Shows from Ab*ve.

March 18th, 2013

These are beautiful moving light shows from above.

Scriabin wrote about this.  In music.


iloilo 17 March 2013