“No institution predicated upon the initiation of fraud or force shall prevail.”

June 13th, 2016

What is a perfect meme to say this?  I want to find a way to articulate the logic of this statement as a meme.  That is the project for the near term.  Many of the attempts at problem-solving taking place among Humankind today are based in the assumption that some person can be granted a license initiate force or fraud in order to coerce other humans to acquiesce.

“No institution predicated upon the initiation of force shall prevail.” said Doug.

History repeatedly teaches us this.  And yet, if our leaders wanted us to disarm, for instance, they could set a good example for us to follow by first disarming themselves and their myrmidons.  They could set a brilliant example.  If they really believe what they are saying about arms, and if they really believed that we are all equal under the Law they would lead by example.  Simple.

They would, if leaders of foresight and conscience, already have disarmed themselves and their myrmidons, else they are just as lost as they claim the rest of us to be if we favor self-defense.

They could lead like Gandhi: from conscience.

We are evolving, and I think the next big leap in evolution is going to be the culturally universal emergence of a repugnance toward swinging a club or dropping a bomb to get what you want, and the shunning of those who continue to engage in initiation of force, whether physical or psychological.

Isn’t that what the best leaders, the world leaders we remember with fondness and pride and love, isn’t that what these leaders do?  Pythagoras, Jesus, Gandhi, Martin Luther, Einstein, de Broglie, Martin Luther King, Jr.  . . .  the list goes on and on. ( I am wondering how to best word another effective meme that conveys the message of leading by example, as true leaders must do.)  None of them employed force or fraud.  None of them preyed on the innocent.

I will find the meme for Doug’s words, and probably someone among the good leaders will have said it already.  Or it may come from you.  (Especially the Freedom Outlaws, Intertel members and Friends who might read this, I ask for your help.  *<twinkles>*

Carry on, carry on.

iloilo   12 June 2016

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