A World in Trauma. Where are the leaders?

May 20th, 2014

While we watch a world in trauma, I must ask a simple question:

Where are the leaders?  Where are the leaders who will lead humankind out of initiation of violence one against another, and into a more rational and loving approach to peace and reconciliation?

Where are the leaders who will lead humankind into a more balanced, respectful, and kind relationship with all of Life and with our Earth?

Where are the leaders who lead peacefully and with patience and kindness, and who refuse to initiate violence?

Where are the leaders who turn humankind away from the mass murder of warfare, corporate greed, and might makes right; who will lead only toward peace and reconciliation?

When all has been said, we can only lead ourselves.  We are each our own personal responsibility, and we make our own choices.

It is a beautiful spring day here in Montana, with the rising sun’s light pouring energy into the trees.  Loving, nurturing energy.  Each dawn returns us to our place of growth and activity, and each dusk returns us to our place of rest and healing.

For today, right now, lead yourself into peace.  Do not be surprised if other people notice and smile.

Lead yourself.  Politicians and priests are obsolete paradigms.  Lead yourself.  Then watch the leaders walk among us, one by one.  Lead yourself.

Peace,  iloilo  20 May, 2014

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