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July 18th, 2013

Yooo Tribe and Family …

A few of us are working on this concept, and D and I were discussing the keys of interface between consciousness and the synaptic structure,with respect to the most effective keys to reconfigure the unfortunate “ruts” into which humankind so often falls.  One of the books he wrote about us has a huge discussion on this, IIRC.  🙂  Then we decided to combine our games. *<twinkles>*  So, we set about introducing memes into the cultural matrix.  It is going pretty well so far.  Asking effective questions.  So we began with FIJA, where it has been pretty effective.  And we wrote on the Common Law.

Ethics=Applied L*gic for Humankind.

We were both convinced, prior to D’s escape, that L*ve and its electromagnetic manifestations (on a level far, far smaller than mouse whiskers, I might add, 🙂 ), was the most effective form of energy which could be structured. We began to work to present this concept for the universal utilization of humankind, through audiences we might best reach.  Simply teaching other humans the highly effective means of manifestation which is L*ve.  I do not mean how you love spinach, either, or your new convertible.  I mean L*ve.  From Spirit.

Try it.  It is pretty cool stuff.  Operate from L*ve.  Just do it when you feel you can.  Take a test drive.  🙂  YMMV.

But also allow for the L*gic of justice, which is an expression of social balance, after all.  Doug was adamant that we must “let logic roll!”  His term.  Through liberty’s tool, justice, we seek as humans to restore social, village, town, tribe, and global balance.  Doug and I have both written a whole bunch on this.  Think of the fantastic opportunities of non-local potential particles. 🙂  We have been thinking about this.  We game on.  I am laughing most brightly.

So, in case you want to play with us, there are a lot of other *<twinkles>* tribe members thinking about this stuff out there.  


iloilo 18 July 2013




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