Post Traumatic Stress

July 14th, 2013

Have you thought about this?

I have been noticing  a whole host of treatment options, modalities, and opportunities for healing the mental illness/medical condition known as PTS –Post Traumatic Stress.  This is a significant example of treating a symptom rather than the illness.

For if we look around, we will find that the primary infectious activity causing PTS is warfare.

The solution is elegantly simple.  One can prevent PTS by ending wars.  It would stop probably 98% of all cases of PTS.

As we lovingly encourage young people to avoid drinking and driving; as we encourage them to protect and care for themselves; let us also encourage them to avoid the military/industrial complex and its activities.  Start with the children who mow your yard, who work at the local gas station, who serve your morning coffee.  Teach them.

Peace Prevents and Heals PTS.

iloilo 14 July 2013


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