Attention: The Old Paradigm is Dead

April 20th, 2013

As I posted elsewhere, I don’t think it matters whom they elect as Pope.  The fundamental contradiction endures, and until it is resolved, the western churches will not stand in balance with Truth and Life on Earth, nor in balance with Humankind.

I believe that the only salvation for the Holy Church is to recognize the Holy Wife of Jesus, Mary, whom they have turned into a whore, after She shared the good news with His men that Her Husband had Returned.  I am sure you have read that much of the Dead Sea Scrolls. She was the One with unconditional faith, even through witnessing what Humankind calls a human death.  She knew.  She kept watch.

Mary and Jesus wanted Humankind to know that we are each carrying the seeds of Holiness and Infinite Possibility within us.  They were Partners.  They defied the ruling patriarchy, as would any  good Anarchists.  They were peaceful, and Their swords were Logic and Love.  Theirs is a shared message of Love, Loyalty, Truth and Grace;  and I will toss in Beauty and Humor as well; and all the endless manifestations of these Gifts.

We need balance now, not the old Matriarchy nor the old Patriarchy. We humans must have balance.  Interestingly, it is possible that humankind’s evolution hangs in the balance. We must recognize the Absolute Holiness of each other, the equality and worth of each other.

The old paradigm is dead.

Let us build a new one through peaceful cooperation and voluntary association.

Let us start by demanding that governments disarm. They can set a good example of peaceful people for the rest of us.  As any good leader would do.

Let us ask the Vatican use its treasures to feed the poor of the world.  As any good Holy One would do.

Let us stop Fighting.

No one need let us.  We can just choose to live this way, and expect the same of others.

We are capable of far better problem resolution games than those old club-swinging, bloody games, aren’t we?  9They call them war games, you know, for a reason: none of them are necessary.)  Look very closely at the juvenile bullies who are swinging the clubs, please.  Are these your wise and cautious leaders, who will lead you to a better land?

Is it time for another Exodus with wise and peaceful, thoughtful and honorable Leaders?

And, better yet, how about a new game, one without bullies?  More like Chess, or Scrabble.

The old paradigm is dead.

Might no longer makes right.

The world now sees what has been transpiring, and is interested.   We must learn to work together, men and women, and heal this Earth.

I say, let the new adventure begin!   I am ready for voluntary, cooperative experiments in Peace.

Let the governments and the churches begin to lead by example.

It is what Good leaders do, after all.


iloilo  20 April 2013


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