Library at Alexandria

March 29th, 2013

This was an incredibly significant day for me.  Hypatia taught here.  I was in wonderment to walk where she walked, to see the Sea she saw. (I did that on purpose 🙂  word games.)

To walk the streets that were laid out by Alexander, and find the city and its people of such grace and enchantment.  The people of Egypt are some of the most gracious I have met, and as I have written about them elsewhere on this blog, they are of a lost nobility, now peacefully reclaiming their birthright which was stolen, hidden, and hoarded by despots, politicians, and war-makers.  A beautiful people, of so many religions and races, yet living in more peace with each other every passing day.

Hello! to everyone who is in Egypt reading this.  Blessings!  You friends in China, too!



Good Friday   29 March 2013



Library at Alexandria

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