Draft for Peace

March 20th, 2013



Dear Ones,

As da D often commented, with infinite patience in his voice, “Humankind is a young species.”
I write this especially to the women who visit here, for we have the most to gain and the least to lose.  And to all men who know they  have much to gain as well.  We might be able to keep our sons and daughters alive this time, as the specter of holocaust and genocide steps out from behind veils called government and/or other veils called religion.

For we are called by Spirit, we Beings of the Infinite Light of our Master. We are called to be who we are.  We are the Human expression of the Holy Spirit.  We are One With Our Maker. We are each worthy of Life and all its promise, without fear.  We are worthy of our Maker’s Love.  You, all on your own, without politicians or priests, are already Most Worthy, Dear One.

I begin by saying that I hope everyone here is keeping their self-defense supplies dry and well-cleaned. And that we are all finding time to practice, but no longer on each other, because you are no longer allowed to live by the sword.  It is a rule of the New Dispensation.  We are all going to learn to Stop Fighting.  Just giving up one bad habit.  Is that so tough?

Nothing said here is to encourage you to put down your swords or stones, your arms or slings.

Much written here is meant to encourage you to sell your cloak and purchase a sword, if you need one. Or make a good sling or bow.

Everything here is meant to tell you that you can find better ways to live than by warfare or  fear and fraud,  if you are one who will take the Path of Honor.

For there is a better way, which allows us to use a more mental, rather than metal, means of warfare, and wins more minds, as well as saving more lives.  If you are one who would take the Path of Honor, come join us.  We need each other, if we are going to save the species.

There are better methods for living together as a species than slavery, warfare, and all those other expressions such as “might makes right” or “fright makes right”.

There is reason.

Well-defended reason.

As we say out here in Montana:
“Make friends with your neighbors. But brand your calves.”

Be friendly and peaceful to all. Go well-armed. Trust only those who are trustworthy in all respects, and who live and walk Paths of High Honor, knowing their own worth from their Maker, and living up to that Worth.


Why can we go to the Moon, and yet cannot live as peacefully as do whales, who have no politicians nor priests, and to whom the Maker most obviously gave the majority of this planet?

Are we the only species messing things up, here on Earth?

Let us not take our bad habits into the Solar System as whole, please.  Give up your greed, you one percenters.  Help others.  Emulate those generous ones.

Learn to ask effective questions, for effective questions can save humankind from this insanity.

My Sisters, we must help our men to save the species; they can not do it alone, nor is it their burden. We stand equal and as Worthy as are they.  We must take our place at their side, in peace, and help each other.  It is time, my Sisters, to take off our drab camo of female dependency, and stand in our own radiant light, teaching ZAP, cooperation, and voluntarism in the Agora.  Teach when a student appears.  Let us work with the men to teach and restore peace. We still have illness, disease, hunger, poverty, and a myriad of humankind puzzles to solve, if we can only get past this living by the sword insanity.

Since it is almost one of the Special Days, please be as Christ-like as possible. For we can not any of us live any longer by the sword; by the armed robbery called taxation.  Nor can we store up vast treasures on Earth while one child is hungry or one person homeless.  Do you hear me, churches?  What is your mission, after all?  To have a store of gold and gems, or to feed those in need?  Leave the bed of government, and return to your Path, or perish.

It is time to decide on which side of the line of demarcation we will stand, each as indiviudal humans. There is a line in the sand. You live by the sword or by your own value in a free market.  If you choose to cross over, as so many have before you, we will help you to find work, a place to live, and an opportunity to live your life on the path of high Honor. But you must take an oath. And be willing to live by it.  You are responsible for your own soul.  Honor is a choice, a challenge, and sometimes a Cross.

There is only the peaceful way, or the way of the sword. We must be warriors. Trained and armed. But it is also our time to show where we stand, by choosing Not to live by the sword, taking a share of the stolen plunder, if we are still within the beast.  Come out, and we will help you to survive.  Find yourself, your soul, and your talent, and come join us. It is time. The Days are Upon Us.

Those who live by the sword will die by the sword. And do not listen to those who teach fear as their trade, for they lack faith in our Creator. “Fear Not, For I Am With You Always” It was a very good message, and one we need to fully understand these days when Peace will save humankind. If we continue to live by the sword, we shall die by the sword. The end of the old paradigm happened last December while we celebrated another Special Day. We do not gather for Celebration on the Special Days of Joy for no reason. All that Happy Energy. 🙂

Those who live by the sword … you know the rest. Help your loved ones find honest work, outside of government. Hire those you can, if you hold that position. If not, offer to help those still living by the sword who can be saved a way to step away from those who live by the sword.
The Days of Healing and Resurrection, dear ones, are upon us.

And do not rely on those of the cloth, or badge, or ballot, or book, to save you. Open your own Most Worthy Spirit to your Most Worthy Master, and say, “I Am.”


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