Is this Not an Excellent Demarcation?

March 17th, 2013

The power-damaged ones, upon being confronted with highly effective questions based on reasoning, and being unable to answer, will attack with name-calling, mud-slinging, and ultimately, with the initiation of force, being unable or unwilling to reason to the end of their contradictions, and die on the Cross of Change.

It appears that an excellent demarcation is whether or not your words cause them to call you names or initiate violence against you.  If they are calling you names, it is because they have no rational answers or arguments left to use against your questions.

It is almost Easter.  Let us invite them to climb the Cross of This Moment’s Change, and relinquish the initiation of violence as their means of survival. Otherwise, as has been foretold, “He who lives by the sword shall die by the sword.” 

Who said, “They would rather die in their error, than hang upon the cross of change?”

Ah, it was Auden, that Brilliant One, who said,

“We would rather be ruined than change;

We would rather die in our dread

Than climb the Cross of the Moment

And let our illusions die.”

And Dostoyevsky reminds us,

A new philosophy, a way of life, is not given for nothing.  It has to be paid dearly for and only is acquired with much patience and great effort.”

Note that he does not say violent effort. But great effort. I think the mind must change, and the heart.

Let our efforts be those of reason.  Let our efforts be those of peace.  Let us continue to ask effective questions, and encourage others to seek honest work, and leave the employ of the parasites.  Whether you are in Rome, or Hong Kong, Cairo, or London, wherever your tribe gathers with love and compassion, let our efforts be peaceful, opening, questioning.  We have the internet.  This is Gutenberg on photons! 🙂

I, as only one member of humankind, think it is time to Climb the Cross of Change, and therefore grant no other individual the license to initiate violence of body or mind against another human for any reason.  For the Common Good, each instance of the initiation of violence shall be subject to a Trial by Jury, and those free and independent jurors shall also determine how to restore justice and balance to society in each instance.  An actual Common Law Jury.  Composed of all the well-armed peaceful ones hanging around on Earth these days.  I smile to you. *<twinkles>*

About this scare that is perpetuated of human violence:  Billy the Kid was an anomaly, which is why humankind remembers him for his psychopathological initiation of force against peaceful humans.

Most of us are peaceful.  Many of us are by now armed, and yet, we remain peaceful.  We are not the anomaly.  Please, the rest of you, stop initiating force against us.  Time is almost up. You must learn the concept of Free Markets and Free Minds.

There is no such thing as ethical majority rule: there is only unanimous consent, which is why it is easier for humankind to deal with individuals: either you agree on a value, or not.  If not, then you are free to move on to trade with the next individual. We can work it out—without coercion.

Please Climb the Cross of Change, if you initiate violence or sanction or benefit from its initiation, and find honest work, leave the employ of the ones who will not climb the Cross of Change.  Please.  Let the People rule under the Common Law, and we will elect our own sheriffs in our own counties.  We are peaceful and ask only that a path of peace be cleared so that we may journey to those lands which shall be free.  By unanimous consent.  If the rest of you want to prey on each other, and think it will work, go ahead.

We have a choice, we free will humans. We could choose ethical actions.  I am chosing to use ethics as much as I have awareness to chose ethics.

And we all do it with voluntary exchanges of value, no coercion or initiation of force.  Or fraud, come to that.   Change is happening.  Embrace it.  Climb the Cross of Change. Cross over the line of demarcation.

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iloilo   15 March 2013*


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