Take Away all Guns. Begin with the Government’s.

March 14th, 2013

The Leaders demand peace and that everyone be unarmed.  This might not be madness, after all.

If they will begin, by good example, it might be a lot easier to convince the rest of us.

Give up bodyguards, armed police, armed food inspectors, armed agents of all the soups of the alphabet, and set a good example.  Use reason and mindfulness. Go unarmed, all government employees.  Practice peace and reason.

Humans learn best by example, after all.  And we are a young species.  Leaders, take a leadership role.  Be the first, the vanguard.  Go unarmed and unprotected.  Other humans will follow your peaceful and honest leadership.

Try it.  Nothing else has worked.  I trust my tribe, my people, and my community not to shoot me, as they have not done so far.  Let government leaders set the good example, and take the high road.  They will no doubt set a valuable example for the rest of us.  I think it might work.  Keeping their guns has not worked.

iloilo   13 March 2013

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