A Purpose on Earth

January 6th, 2012

My other mind (aka D) and I were talking tonight about our purpose on Earth this time.   His mind communicated to my mind that we have a destiny in this Universe right now.

My mind suggested to his mind that I had been considering—for some time— that our purpose here/now was to manifest effectively the concepts of our Creator, and that we chose to manifest for the Creator, rather than the destroyer.

We agreed it was a valid concept.  Then we shared from spirit, to more fully synthesize the synaptic interface to integrate this specific concept.  I like being a part of the Mind Who Created existence.  As I have said so many times, free will is choosing how we will use our awareness to manifest in this Existence. We each have that choice. Free will.

I want to be part of a united humanity, cooperative in Peace and Problem-Solving, but only through voluntary, individual effort.  I recently had a conversation with a fine chap, who posited that it was sometimes difficult to know what was good and what was ignorance (he used the term evil, I think).  He is, I think, a Certified Statist.  Ignorant, but I do not call him evil.  He does not know.  He is one to teach.  I believe he lives on stolen funds—often called taxes.  I don’t think he comprehends the shame of such an existence.

That which benefits the life and joy of each individual human, and of all humans, is a good.  If it does not pass this hurdle, then it is not a good.  It must first be good in the particular, prior to considering if it is a good for the universal.  As an  individual human’s process of contradiction resolution, this concept—more commonly known as the Zero Aggression Principle—lends itself to effective self-examination and mental—as well as spiritual—growth.  (My own eccentric interpretation of The Nazarene’s Message, that excellent anarchist!)

Living off of the initiation of force against other humans is not a good.

It is the New Year.  Now we are here, all of us on this Earth, and we are learning some stuff.  As we share good concepts, as we inoculate the cultural matrix with memes of justice, liberty, and charity, we engage the synaptic patterns of others, and we provide them with a bit of contradiction resolution assistance.

Then a new society arises with the old.  A culture of independent individuals of peace, who are neither naive, nor alone.  Reason will be more apparent.  Humankind will begin to mature.  We are a young species. We are only now becoming peaceful.  Whales, dolphins, and eagles already live in anarchy.  Are we less than they?

I think the above is a part of the message we are all singing these days.  The harmony and the melody are magnificent to my ears.  Better than Scriabin’s Preludes, or Rachmaninoff’s Third.  Can you help but smile at these voices raised together?

Too long have rougher voices held forth in cacophony.  Now is the time of harmony.  Now is the time of Peace.  We have a purpose on Earth, and we are doing a superb job of manifesting, aren’t we?  Cognito, Ergo Armo.

The blogrolls of peace and justice, of voluntarism and agorism, grow daily.  I see so many of you sharing wonderful concepts all around the Earth.  A new society is forming, and its statelessness is magnificent to behold.
How I love being a part of this emergence of global Truth, of global Peace, and of global Love! Sure, there will always be struggles, but that is how we learn lessons and are entertained,besides.
This sharing here on this everywhere-place is, of course, our new pen at work.  I like having my words wafted to wander the world.

And so this note is to send

Blessings, and all Best Wishes for a New Year of Peace, Justice, Liberty, and self-responsibility as well as self-governance. This is what we are here to teach. It is happening all around us.  Let us all continue to speak out for Peace.  It is our time to manifest.

toward entelechy~

iloilo  6 January 2012

ps—if you should find any errors in my thinking, I will appreciate your corrections.  Thank you.

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