The Semantics of Liberty

December 15th, 2011

“The state can only survive as long as a majority is programmed to believe that theft isn’t wrong if it’s called taxation or asset forfeiture or eminent domain, that assault and kidnapping isn’t wrong if it’s called arrest, that mass murder isn’t wrong if it’s called war.”

— Bill St. Clair

Thank you Bill.


Today, I ask the rest of you, “Who Owns Your Life?”

Is it not so that this question admits of only one answer?  You own your life.  It is yours.  It is your existence.  It is the expression of your spirit.  Beware the trickery of mere words.  Ask questions. Question your answers. Teach your own mind.  Be self-responsible.  Be the nobel, unique person you were meant to be.  Follow your heart.

Now then, who owns your life?

Do you approve of kidnapping? Do you approve of murder?  Do you approve of armed robbery, theft, and extortion?

Who owns your life?

iloilo 14 December 2011

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