Government’s Waning Memes

August 19th, 2011

Their memes aren’t working any more.  The culture is passing them by.  Their illusions are failing.

Their insanity is more apparent to humankind every day.  It is an amusing, entertaining, and illusion-busting sort of insanity.  Tossing themselves to the wolves, so to type.

None of them have figured it out yet: their illusions are only maintained by continually greater doses of their drug, called power. We write a lot about the power-addicted personality.  My partner has for years and years; me, only a few years.   The memes ‘addicted to power,’ ‘power-addicted,’ and ‘power-damaged’ are being seen on the internet.  I am happy to say that these memes are beginning to catch on.

🙂  We are quite capable of counteracting Newspeak with Truthspeak, aren’t we, you and I?

And so, how well are we using our minds? How can we become more effective in our strategic thinking?

We can win this with our minds—we are spirits who do not fear death.  We cannot be killed.  We are here to do war—with the minds of the evil, power-addicted ones.  Our minds are healthy, strong, enlightened, and are refreshed by our Spirits.

Cogito, ergo armo.

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