On Human Rights

June 17th, 2011

No contract can be upheld, no agreement reached, no Constitution invented, nor Law invoked, that can be considered valid if it denies any human right to any individual.    Read that again.

A contract or agreement of any nature becomes invalid if it denies, abuses, usurps, or otherwise attempts to invalidate any portion of any human right.  There is no contract that is not immediately invalid if its structure admits of any violation of the rights of any human.  Men or women.  Parents or children. Taoists or Jews.  Yellow or brown or grey or green or pink pigmentation.

Listen to me.  Any contract—no matter if a marriage contract, a constitution, a mortgage, or a credit card—cannot be valid under the common law if any conditions of that contract are in violation of human rights.  All humans have the same rights.  (We will talk about those other sapients another time. Better yet, read L. Neil Smith, which will be more fun than my dry stuff.   Try Forge of the Elders. Marvelous story.)

Carefully, thoughtfully, intelligently, and reasonably enumerate your human rights.

Does any other human have any less or more rights than you have?

How could this be so?

Now, enumerate again, asking this question:

Does any human have or not have this right you propose to acknowledge on your own behalf?    You must also acknowledge the ownership of each right on behalf of every other person, no matter what artificial demarcation you may now examine.  Resolve the contradictions you may find, whether those contradictions are based on race, sex, religion, occupation, age, or family status.

Aha!  You were perhaps thinking that some human rights can be compromised between spouses, or with children?  Human rights are universal.  Marriage, childhood, age, nor religion can alter a fundamental human right.

Now, enumerate again, asking this question:

What human rights am I willing to grant to every other individual human?

What are the rights I want for myself?  These two sets sould match, point for point, or you need to work on your definition of human rights.

Now you will begin to more effectively comprehend what are, and what are not, Human Rights.

Please share your lists of Human Rights here, so that we may all learn.  Your comments welcome.

iloilo 16 June 2011



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