All Around Us, These Billion Points of Light

June 15th, 2011

Government cannot count.  Demographers miss those dancing out here near the edge of the bell curve. We know who we are.

There are a billion points of peaceful light, and more points of light turning on with freedom and individual self-responsibility every day, photon-singing to Earth, “We are here to do healing.  War must end.  Lords of war must sit down and be quiet.  Those kings—who send our sons under the wheels of the chariots—must now prostrate themselves on the Earth, and weep for forgiveness. We are here to do healing.”

We are becoming a billion points of light.  We are being noticed by others, whom we inspire to peaceful freedom from vicious government servants.

Now then,  I hear that the clinton portion of the cabal of government by force wants a Ministry of Truth, probably through the UN, to govern our internet.

I do think it is now our turn to make a peaceful move.  The vicious servants are very fearful, having learned nothing from Frederick Douglass,  Sojourner Truth, Sitting Bull, Mother Teresa, or Albert Einstein.  They have learned nothing from the peaceful people of many regions who are now using peace for change.  It certainly works better than war.

So, for my move, I move for peace, voluntary cooperation, the end of the initiation of force.  (We can shun them.  We can remove ourselves from their appetites and perversions.  We can be the peaceful watchers, and the peaceful teachers. We can leave them to eat themselves.)

It is tragic for those others, servants caught in illusions.  They are so very lost in the creating of illusions that they fail to comprehend the planetary shift that is underway.

It is our move in this game which we are predestined to win.

It is our move.  Lovely.

I move for everyone to be armed—equally armed—as self-responsible individuals.

I move that all land be freehold land.  And that all waters be freehold waters. If the waters are owned by freeholders, the waters will be well loved and respected.

I move for peace. I move for freehold.  I move for equal access to self-defense, which means equal access to life.

I move that each of us teach at least one other person this next six months.  We can do this.

iloilo 15 June 2011


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