Mothers Who Really Matter

May 7th, 2011

I have some dear friends from here in Helena, Montana.  Mother, Father, Daughter, and Son,  the Olsens are now in Botswana, caring for the orphan children there.  AIDS has left many children with no home, no food, no care, and no love.

Today, I received a beautiful gift, enclosed in a card from the Olsens, those amazing and courageous missionaries who have left everything—friends and home—to venture to a place where they felt called to go.

They are following their Holy Orders from the Universe (or God, or fill in blank____) with great love, compassion, and  beauty.

I have nothing but admiration and love for them.  The gift that was enclosed was made by Lorato Molapisane of Semolale Botswana.  I hope you will go read about the organization founded on peace, love, and sharing. This is a human manifestation of God, in a place where God’s Love, flowing through these wonderful people, is greatly needed.  And we wonder sometimes where God is these days.  Look around, and then smile.   How lovely!  Angels all around us, every day.  How beautiful!

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