Women of Peace, Try Something Better: Cooperative Reasoning

April 25th, 2011

Let us not lament the collapse of a corrupt and outmoded form of government.  It was a good government for a bit of its life, but was rampant with contradictions—contradictions that government tries to defend by the use of yet more force.

Read that again.

We can do better, we humans of peace.  We can come up with a new form of government, based on reasoning rather than force.  We have the opportunity to create a peaceful, free market form of government—if we must have any institutions by that odious name—we can have governments based on reason, not on force.  That is why we have thinking minds: so that we do not need to resort to the initiation of force.  Brains, not bombs. We thinking humans can communicate and reason.

Cooperative reasoning has solved every human problem that has ever been solved, from polio to pedometers.

Why are some humans still trying to use clubs and bombs against other humans?

It is time to stop it.

Women—and men of peace—let us gather together and use reasoning and thinking.

We can do it.

*<  That’s why we are here.  🙂  >*


iloilo 29 April 2011

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