Peace in Our Time

April 2nd, 2011

We are not fools.

“It should be obvious by now to everyone that governments are not initiating enough force against peaceful individuals, or else all the human-caused problems on this Earth would be solved.” — A politician

Now, that was foolish, right?

As I was blessing my squash, cucumber, basil, cilantro, and rosemary seedlings this evening, and welcoming them, on behalf of their parents, to this existence, I also thanked them for their wisdom.  I have never been attacked by a plant.

Yes, I’ve had poison ivy, one bad (tiny Aminita) mushroom, which sent me reeling and unable to walk for a bit, but no initiation of force against my life, at least so far.  And even the poison ivy is a reminder of the biting snakes which often hide under its leaves.

All of nature is rough and tumble.  Fang and tooth.  But I love the peaceful wisdom of a seed.  A seed knows what to do, given the least bit of encouragement, of sensed hope, and of care. It becomes what it is bred to be.  I think you get to see who people are when they have the least bit of encouragement, of sensed hope, and of caring.

Love.  That is all a seed needs. I think it is what the world needs, too.  And has for some time, because we all keep talking about it for centuries and eons.  We humans.

But this time, I think we can teach fast enough, far enough—we team players for peace—to effect the change.  I really do.

Don’t you wonder if we could do it?

Wouldn’t you like to be part of trying?

If this is a game, which it is, actually, then I think this is the Peace On Earth Team, don’t you?

Hey, poets, let’s keep making all these wonderful moves!  We are planting new seeds, and they are sprouting.  How delightful, how shiny, is that?

Isn’t the internet wonderfully fertile ground?  Iamsmiling.

iloilo  1 april 2011

ps…there are a gazillion other challenges for having adventures after we give up warfare: space colonization would be a nice adventure, I think, don’t you?


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