Mothers, Call Your Children Home Before Dark

March 18th, 2011

Mothers, don’t you think it is time to call your children to come home?*

Isn’t it time to end this madness?  If our children want to be heroes, let them go help rescue and care for the Japanese farmers and their families.  Let them drop water balloons directly into the cooling ponds (I just suggested dropping water balloons over at Reuters, actually!  Where are the ballistic experts when they are needed??!)

Surely we can all see that the Earth needs peaceful heroes now—not lackey warriors paid for doing wrong deeds to protect a corrupt and decadent government filled with corrupt and decadent politicians.

It is time to call your children home.

Keep them home; teach them to grow gardens; work with them to build homes; and teach them tend to the Earth.

Teach them to be good warriors—defending their families and farms.

Teach them to never, ever follow any political leader again.  They will learn to follow leaders with integrity.  They will learn to be leaders who do not initiate violence against anyone.  They will learn to use reason, instead of coercion.

Call the children home now.

It is almost nightfall.

*At Least 41 Killed as US Drones Attack Tribal Jirga in North Waziristan

Attack Killed Members of Pro-Govt Militia, Random Civilians

and Children 17 March 2011



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