Only From Government—Silly Clock Changes!

March 15th, 2011

Many myths of the power-damaged are evil.  Many are stupid.  Many are laughable.  Some are silly.

I think the silliest one is the illusion of a reason for the practice of forcing other humans to tell time according to some outmoded early industrial-age malicious mistake and abuse of other humans.

Did you know that this malicious mistake caused countless individuals to lose their inherent, innate sun-tracking ability to healthily regulate their bodies to the rhythms of the sun and moon?

How power-damaged must humans be who allow anyone to dictate that every individual human adjust their biorhythms, their human animal sense of time, and their daily activities?

How power-damaged are those who have been conditioned to accept such edicts?

How power damaged is the government official who abuses humans with this totally ridiculous system of changing the clock twice a year, and thus throwing off balance an entire population?

How power-damaged the person who enforces shifting the sleep cycles of everyone, newborn infant and mother to the venerated elders of some wisdom-worshipping tribe?

It’s time we stop these arbitrary, unreasonable, nonsensical clock changes.  It is disorienting for everyone, this illusion of a shift in time.  Stop obeying the edicts, and keep to the same time all year.  Think of the efficiency.

This edict is wasteful, pernicious, and totally unnecessary.

It is also damaging to human sleep and waking cycles.  It is ridiculous.  It is nonsensical.

Not to mention very, very silly.

iloilo  14 March 2011


2 Responses to “Only From Government—Silly Clock Changes!”

  1. I could take this one step further, and complain about the very existence of the clock, or of lightbulbs. We diurnal creatures who live outside the tropics naturally sleep longer in the winter, and we do things to our own natural rhythms, not synchronized with a clock, whether standard or daylight saving time.

    One solution, especially for people who work for themselves, is to shift all your appointments one hour earlier, on the clock, during DST. The only real reason for the clock is so that we can schedule meetings in advance, and all turn up at the same time.

  2. iloilo says:

    Bill, interesting points. I’d like to see everyone living the life of their choice, following their bliss, and working so hard that it becomes play, all for the benefit of their lives and loves.

    I’d probably keep lightbulbs and clocks. But then, candles are also very nice. And roosters.

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