The Truth of Gold and Peace

March 13th, 2011

Thinking about treasures…

Lately, a few of my mathematically-minded friends from around the world have been teasing me for being a arithmetic wuss, because I called Gold at the end of January, 2011, at $1140.  I was the fourth lowest prediction in dollar terms vis-a-vis gold, for the group of 37, give or take your basic non-prime number.

As we all watched gold skip right through A$1400—continuing to do that voodoo that gold does so well against the super-hot printing presses of the government stooges—and take a rest at $1410, before resuming its predicable, narrow-corridor, bobbing and weaving to the tunes of the global realists, I figured that I had been too reserved in my assessment of the printing-press cacophony orchestrated by monkey minds; by those who are not only tone-deaf, but spiritually dead.

Their wars continue.    Their backbreaking taxes continue.

Their self-indulgence in the illusions—nay, psychosis—which results from their overwhelming addictions to the use of force, become more apparent daily. Power is the most addictive substance known to the human mind.

Initiation of force is the opiate of the unquestioning.

We are witnessing the death of the initiation of force against another human as a means to get what the force-user wants.  Now the questions cannot be silenced, because the world has become one, but not in the way the unquestioning had planned.

Because gold, and the open, honest, politically indifferent commentators and news reporters on the Internet are telling the real story of the rapidly increasing awareness of humans to the hubris and illusions of the power-addicts.

We of the voluntary society do not discard violence as a tool: we discard the initiation of violence (which is a mutually harmful means of coercive discourse) as no longer an option for humans; just as humans have abandoned cannibalism as a means to satiate hunger (in all but some notorious and highly unusual situations), it is time to abandon the use of coercive force.

We, who practice and therefore teach self-responsibility and self-governance, are exposing the addicts.  Those who are among our tribes take an Oath of Fealty to Peace, and sign a Covenant in honor of same.

I personally recommend that you always be armed, well trained, and prepared in dangerous situations.   Then even a greedy person who tries to initiate force against anyone would be instantly killed.   Because all those free, armed individuals who took an Oath to be non-aggressors never, ever took any Oath to be a victim.  Anyone can be as greedy as they are able: but they may not initiate violence—against any harmless, non-aggressing individual— to satisfy their greed.  No one may initiate violence against any other human, not for any emotion, declaration, edict, statute, law, or wish.  No one has the right to initiate violence against any other human.  No one.  This gives us an apparent and recognizable demarcation between those who are healthy, and those who are psychotic, doesn’t it?

It is that same tool—the initiation of violence—which is an increasingly global taboo, and is now being actively discussed by many peoples from all over the world; many of us are also professional anthropologists.  We are witnessing tribes, sects—peoples of all followings from all over the world—holding these conversations against the initiation of violence, and able to do so because of the development of the internet.  The people of Earth are weary of warfare.  (Except those with power-damaged minds, who enjoy the use of power in its ultimate form: warfare, murder, slavery, and destruction.)

We are witnessing a cultural reformation such as the human species has not witnessed since those days chronicled in “Guns, Germs, and Steel.” We are witnessing the ascent of the Gods of Peace, and the nadir of the Gods of War.  But no one is so silly as to think we can make this transition without everyone being able to defend their life and property, their loved ones and posterity.

Franz Boaz was one of my (intellectual) mentors.  We are seeing an anthropological phenomenon the likes of which we are incredibly privileged and blessed to witness. We are seeing the first global conversation among humanity in real time, with such wonders as Babel fish, live streaming, and solar-powered computers.

I am awed to be alive at this time, and to be an anthropologist who can be swept with the wonder of it all, and a mathematician who can recognize the elegance of it from a pure logic perspective, and an artist of mixed heritage who communicate through my art as well as through my words.  I am blessed beyond words to be living on Earth at this time.

It is a joyful event to behold the next step in the cultural and cerebral evolution of humans as a species.  It is a human step of ethics: for rational ethics are always practical, logical, and identifiable.  Rational human ethics are always universal in their recognition, and culturally infused in patterns easily discernible by trained anthropologists.

And I am here to teach one thing: I am here to offer the reasoning for the fact that human initiation of violence against any other human is an act far, far more repugnant than cannibalism or incest.  This is the emerging cultural paradigm of our species.  It is the new Universal meme, if you will.   I stand in wonder that I am here to witness this cultural evolutionary step among my species.

And we do it all with such simple adherence to Peace.  For that is the true Gold, the true treasure, and it is multiplied when it is manifested.

So, I just wonder: as Peace keeps breaking out all over Earth, will the price of Gold continue to rise?

Peace to you, and I wish you all good things,

iloilojones 11March2011



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