No One Is Your Enemy

March 2nd, 2011

It is easy to argue, find fault, blame, and diminish others.
It is easy to find some thought on which we disagree.
It is easy—ever so easy—for the power-damaged ones to initiate force, or threaten its initiation, to get their way. Confrontation is always easier than consultation, after all.
It is easy to find reasons to hate, to initiate force, to be against another person or group.

What is one of the most significant challenges facing our species today on Earth?
Isn’t it how to peacefully curtail the actions of those who are initiating force, delegating its initiation, or threatening to do so?

Those who initiate force are the power-damaged ones.
They are addicted to the initiation of force and have lost much of their reasoning abilities.
The most significant demarcation between humans today is that between power damaged brains, and those brains in recovery or healed.

If their brains can be healed from addiction to power, we could all learn from each other through consultation and reasoning. Some of our thinking errors could be corrected! What an opportunity!

We would do well to remember that no peaceful person is our enemy: some have different thoughts, and our job is to find common ground, and build from there. This may well be the primary job of every peaceful human on Earth.

If you find that there is no foundation for building, because the other person has a power-damaged brain, you are free to walk away in peace. You are free to shun them, but not to initiate violence against them.

And when you find a way to heal their power addiction, please do let me know exactly how you did it.

We don’t have much time, do we?

2 March 2011

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