On Rushing to the Barricades …

February 3rd, 2011
On the matter of the reactive judge in Florida, and his silly order…

Dear Impatient FIJA Friends,
Bless you for your courage, for your impatience, and for your decent sense of outrage.  Please think a moment about how much we might gain, and how easily we could lose that gain.
Let us visit for a moment:   Yes, an unfortunate  judge, lackey of his masters, has issued a silly bit of paper, with some order on it, which will turn this situation into a farce, at the expense of that judge.  Bear with me on this for a moment.
We don’t want any more people in jail.  You are each individual, thinking humans, so you make your own decisions.  We are asking everyone to stay home a few days, as we coordinate a national response, as well as mount a multi-faceted challenge to this barbaric, uninformed, unethical attack on human rights.  We don’t need any more arrests.  That is not how you get the reaction you want from power-damaged minds—you never do quite enough so that they can arrest you.
(Think bigger: what is your GOAL?)
Reaction is not a strategy—it is playing on their level.  We are above that, as thinking, peaceful humans who are less power-damaged (and many of us healing from power damage while learning more effective strategies).  Getting arrested is not the solution—a challenge is a solution, and the judge has played right into our hands this time, because, you see,  there was no one to arrest (thanks to James’ excellent restraint and his insistence on staying inside FIJA’s guidelines in all instances), and power is not patient with irritations, so the judge has issued an unlawful administrative order, which we can challenge directly.
We have been peaceful, we have wished to obey the laws.  Now, they are changing the rules on us. They are changing the rules and threatening the use of force against peaceful, law-abiding people.  So we ask: show us the law which allows this new rule.  Only we will be asking more questions than one, many of them critical,  and we will do all this as publicly as possible. They cannot stop the signal*. Watch what we do. Join us in the doing.
Cogito, ergo armo.      🙂
We are being peaceful in the fullest sense of the word.  There are no movies of us being anything but peaceful, lawful, rational, logical, and cooperative.  Even MSM cannot depict us other than kind, thoughtful, deliberate, peaceful and polite people.  Watch those films on Video Jug: watch other peaceful FIJA workers discussing these concepts of human rights and independent jurors.
We don’t need people “all over it” when they do not have a long-term strategy for winning: we are about protecting human rights, not counting coup by number of arrests.  We will win this one by using the Common Law and our rights—and our rational thinking—as humans.  Thank goodness James stuck to the strategy and did not allow Julian or anyone else to be arrested, even when those people wanted to be arrested.  Because of that strategy, this juvenile judge has grown impatient with FIJA’s standard tactics of peaceful non-confrontation, and has erroneously, subjectively, reactively, issued an easily challenged administrative order.
We will win this one, and every human rights group in this country will be with us, and some in other countries as well.  No flamboyance, no defiant demonstrators, no anger, no hate—just good, solid, sound, strategy that is paying off in protection of human rights for everyone.
This bad move, on the part of those who perceive us as their enemies, gives us an opportunity to raise many questions in the minds not only of the power-damaged ones, but in the minds of those who will remember one question, and learn new ways of thinking in the answering of that question.  Questions—once effectively articulated—build that box canyon of logic around those who wish to avoid such questions.  Remember: Cogito, ergo armo.
Because we know you are reading this, we openly offer those who consider themselves our enemy this opportunity to examine our strategy:
We plan to publicize—not based on individual personalities, but rather on the necessity for peaceful protection of our fundamental Human Rights against—unlawful actions of foolish feudal judges who reactively write asinine administrative orders which will soon bring public ridicule to the author of that order and to those whom he serves.   We will offer to many more individual humans the knowledge that this necessary peaceful protection is available from every juror in the land.  More will hear and learn.  That is our strategy.  We thank you for this opportunity for educational publicity at your expense. End
We carry on. Peacefully.
Iloilo Marguerite Jones
Kýrie, eléison.
* For all you Fireflies out there.

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