Inherent Conflict Between Politicians and Honest People

October 15th, 2010

Let me begin by talking for a moment about the inherent conflict between a free people and any government that reserves the right to initiate violence against those free people.

And the laws?  Think about this for a few minutes: think about the corruption of most politicians.  Don’t make excuses for them, because if you acted that way, your family and friends would shun you.  Now, how can you expect reasonable, good laws to be produced by such a corrupt bunch of lawmakers?  It isn’t going to happen.  Politics is a conflict, because politicians serve themselves, not the people.

The conflict is obvious in such a system: government agents, whether kings, or their soldiers who steal crops of the people, or the senators who enact laws which license others to use violence to steal money from the workers, or the social workers who routinely kidnap children from their parents, only to often place those children in situations of the darkest nightmares, or those hooded agents dressed in black who break into the houses of people who have done no harm to anyone, often killing the people or their dogs.

All these agents prey upon productive, harmless people to steal our self-ownership, steal the fruits of our labors, and to strike fear in our minds so that we will kneel before their vicious might.

The agents prey upon us through taxation, through asset forfeiture, through confiscation on the flimsiest of excuses of our homes and possessions, and through the forced indoctrination of our children in government schools.

An earlier such time in history gave us the Magna Carta.  This tension between government’s use of force to violate human rights and to steal from the people—the very people whose rights that government is supposedly designed to protect—and the peaceful, productive people who only wish to be left alone to tend their flocks, raise their crops, work their jobs, rear their children, and live in peace, is a tension whose history we can trace back to the Magna Carta, and even before that time.

We hear more and more about people looking for clever ways to “beat the law” through often misguided ruses.  When I speak of people, I mean lawyers, bureaucrats, department chiefs, and politicians.

And, occasionally, some misguided, productive, private individual will attempt to emulate those in government who try to be clever and to hide behind inferior laws as their shield of protection from prosecution, censure, or public exposure.

Let me state this clearly: it is no longer enough to be “legally” correct in this nation: our politician-authored laws are as corrupted as the lawmakers who write, promote, and pass these laws.  Look around you at the laws on the books—those inferior laws­—which are in direct violation of the prevailing Common Law precepts of the Constitution.  Not only the Constitution of the Nation, but the Constitutions of the several states are all being violated by petty, bureaucratic, greedy laws.  These venal laws are passed by corrupted lawmakers, or else invented out of greed for money and power by entrenched bureaucrats at every level.  These bureaucrats write “statutes” and “regulations” to enhance their fiefdoms, abuse the responsibilities they hold, abuse their office, and violate our human rights.

Again, let me say that these inferior laws are most often as corrupted as the corrupt lawmakers who bring these laws into existence.  How could it now be so?  You cannot get impeccable laws from corrupted sources.  Think back to what you know about the corrupt royalty of Europe, passing those horrible laws such as those evil laws passed against the Scots, during the time of William Wallace.

It is past time to try to be clever, to spend time trying to find loopholes in some venal, abusive law that violates human rights.  Instead, it is time to refuse to enforce all those evil laws in every instance when you serve as a juror.

We know that prosecutors, judges, police, and sometimes even the forensic experts all collude to advance their government careers and paychecks.  These people are all government agents, paid by government.  They have little or no interest in serving justice.  They have a great interest in advancing their careers.  Be skeptical, very skeptical, of all lawyers, including judges and prosecutors, and all those who feed on the justice system, including police, agency enforcers, and expert witnesses. I have reached a time in my life, while not living in a barrel nor carrying a lantern, I wander in search of one honest lawyer who is a judge, and of more than a very few honest lawyers.

These government employees and also those licensed by government, which includes all lawyers, have a strong selfish interest to “win” cases and to protect and advance their own positions within the hierarchy of the courts.  Here, I mean courts both as a place to consider matters of justice, and as a place where a ruler holds forth, and sets the word of the ruler as law, enforcing that word by the initiation  of violence.

We must become as impeccable, simple, and straightforward as we can.  We must use reason and truth.  We must serve on juries and come to the defense of harmless people whom the government would put in prison to serve as slave labor for Prison Industries, while government agents confiscate much of the property of these poor prisoners, and leave their families in the streets.

We must strive to be as impeccable as we are able to be, given that we are human.  I fall short of my goal in this regard every day, but I try to remember to work on this for my own benefit, for this is our highest calling as humans.

As jurors, we must, in the final analysis, answer to our own conscience.  This is the peaceful, correct and effective way to stop bad laws: simply refuse to enforce any of them in any case brought before you.

In this time of growing tension between, on the one hand, government politicians, bureaucrats, and enforcers who operate under government license to use violent force rather than reason, and, on the other hand,  peaceful individuals who wish only to be left in peace to pursue productive, private lives.  I think we can all agree that we are witnessing more and more open conflict, with the violence overwhelmingly initiated by government agents.

Government employees, increasingly greedy for more money to maintain their jobs and benefits, continually enact laws for asset forfeiture, more fines and fees, and  are issuing more traffic citations – we call this taxation by citation.  These government agents are resorting to more frequent and violent uses of force under color of law, and are continually on the lookout for ways to get more money into the hands of the ringleaders, so that the government gang can continue to thrive.

But here is the good news:  it is crumbling before our eyes: many governments at all levels are laying off hundreds, if not thousands, of bureaucrats.

Even as the federal government scrambles to militarize local law enforcement agencies, local budgets cannot support the logistical deployment of the machinery of war provided by a federal government run amok and now flailing about in convulsive throes, all because its court members know of nothing to do but threaten, bully, scream and shout, all the while stealing more of the productivity of those who have honest jobs.

Until all people operate equally under the same set of laws – by this, I mean those laws firmly rooted in the common law: laws which have stood the test of time over many generations and centuries of common usage – we will have neither justice nor peace in this nation.

Until such time as all people – whether a garage mechanic, a government bureaucrat, a politician, police, bureau chief, and even members BATFE and TSA, as well as Homeland Security, or a baker in Butte, Montana—until all people are held equally accountable for their actions as an individual human, and are never excused because of some politically-created, corrupt law under which they presume to operate, until that time, we will know neither justice or peace.

Until such time as there is no conflict between justice and freedom, and no conflict between morality and the law, we will not have justice or peace.

Until such time as all individual humans are held to the exact same standards of behaviour, all the time, whether they are wearing a uniform of some government agency, or are peacefully having dinner with their family in their own home, we will not have an ethically-motivated society.

So, what can you do as one person—as one peaceful, productive person—in this conflict between greed for power and your productivity, and your right as  an individual to own yourself and your labour?  What is one peaceful, available way to protect yourself, your rights, your freedom, and your life?

Be an informed juror.  If, for reasons of conscience, you cannot be a juror, then educate others, encourage everyone who is facing charges to stand steadfast in their demand for a jury trial.  Refuse to bow down to the royalty of office which bureaucrats, politicians, and other agents of government all claim.  Refuse to recognize any kingly powers of office.  Refuse to be a slave, a toady, or a victim of the machinery of government greed and lust for power.

If you now work for government, then immediately seek honest work in a job where you are not receiving stolen money that has taken from others by force.  Of you have a fee hour, share FIJA information with a friend or neighbor.  Even if you don’t want to vote, stay registered to vote if it means you get to serve on a jury and thus serve justice.  Even if you don’t want to serve on a jury, consider how you might save the life of another person by refusing to enforce some horrible, senseless law.

I want to encourage you as emphatically as possible to walk in peace:

  • Educate everyone about the authority of the juror.
  • Encourage everyone to demand a jury trial.
  • Serve as a juror.
  • Remove your children from government schools.
  • Support private, community-based schools and home-schoolers.
  • Help your neighbors so that they can avoid government social workers and government welfare systems.  Help them find work.  Teach them about FIJA.
  • Teach others about informed jurors and about demanding a jury trial.
  • Simplify your life.  Turn off cable and read together as a family.  Grow a garden, go for walks, clean the family car, make a quilt.
  • Serve as an informed juror.  Encourage others to do the same.
  • Eat at home as a family.  If you are alone, invite friends and neighbors for potluck at least once a week.  Start a new neighborhood tradition of kindliness.
  • Take some FIJA literature to church or synagogue, and share it with a dozen people, including your pastor, priest, or rabbi.
  • Make healthy soups together with your family and children.
  • Learn a craft.
  • Serve as a juror.
  • Learn to make bread.  Share a loaf with a neighbor.
  • Walk in peace.

We have the opportunity to reclaim our society and our nation from the corruption and violence of the present government.  Let us find ways to do this peacefully, rationally, and outside of the political process—which only replaces one set of power-hungry, corrupt politicians with another set of the same—through peaceful means.  History has taught us about its corruption, if we have learned nothing else, of the political process.
Walk in peace.

Iloilo Marguerite Jones

October 15, 2010

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