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September 25th, 2010

Jeff Knaeble wrote

  • The Ultimate Effect of Structural Evil
  • Abstract legal constructs of social relations – such as constitutions and parliamentary laws imposed by representatives from outside the local community – become instruments of exploitation and oppression in the hands of the Money Power. A quick look at the death-dealing effects of Eminent Domain against indigenous peoples everywhere is sufficient proof.

    We cannot go on like this and expect to survive. Our problems cannot be solved at the same level of thinking that created them.

Protected from the consequences of their actions by these three “legal” constructs, evil people attracted by power will do anything for more power and more wealth.

The few people attracted by power in order to “do good” fail to understand that power itself – no matter in whose hands – is intrinsically evil, and will always become more evil through corruption.

What Must Be Done

However insignificant Simplicity seems,
the whole world cannot make it submissive.
If princes and kings could keep to it,
all things in the world would of themselves pay homage.
Heaven and earth would unite to send down sweet dew.
The people with no one to command them
would of themselves become harmonious.

~ Lao Tzu

For a long time have we been violating the laws of nature, of ethics, of morality, of common decency, of respect. Whole generations are coming up without awareness that Man is governed by the Laws of Nature. We are well and truly lost.

We are not facing a crisis of climate change, or peak oil shock, or economic chaos, or social upheaval, or terrorism, or geo-politics. These are but symptoms of a disease which has much deeper roots. The vector of this disease is the Corporate Warfare State.

We are facing a spiritual and moral crisis. It is the culminating effect of manifold causes that go far back into human history.

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