The Most Significant Demarcation Among Humans Today

September 21st, 2010

Don’t get me wrong: I love a good voluntary, cooperative society.

But just as overt slavery became a concept whose time it was to die, so with government.  Government as a term has come to mean political control over and exploitation of other humans, backed by the use of violence as required.

The sharpest, most significant demarcation among humans today is between the exploiting, power-damaged minds of those who benefit from the license to initiate violence and fraud to get what they want, and those who eschew such license, but are subject to attacks by those using the authority of that license.  This demarcation is more significant and more discernable than the demarcation between males and females.

We can have brilliant cooperative associations based on voluntary participation and sponsorship.  Call it whatever you want.

Most of the activities and transactions between humans on this Earth since prehistory have been private, free market, and voluntary—all along.  Such peaceful cooperative exchanges are not noted in history, because some drama junkies who worship the use of force decided that: “Those people lived peacefully, not making war, and so their society is not noteworthy for weapons or conquest.  No reason to write about successful but boring, peaceful groups, eh?”

People who live in peace do not seek public, politically-motivated exposure.  People who live in peace quietly go about their lives, and strive to avoid government as much as possible.  Voluntary cooperation and free markets work.  Why not expand on a good idea?

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