Filling the King’s Purse. Force as Usual.

July 27th, 2010

Politicians—and their employees—use force, and the threat of force, to steal from you and me.

How do you reconcile your belief in the shared good for humans on this Earth, and yet send those you are presently able to coerce, by threat of force, to kill others who have also been coerced to go to your war?

How do you reconcile your initiation of force against any individual, with your espousals that you are a person of peace?

It became not enough for me—one person, one mind—to merely go on strike, or even to invest some of the minutes of my life in recruiting others to go beyond striking.   To know and not to act is not to know.

I have needed to follow the questions that needed to be asked back as far as I was able to so, to answer for myself the question:  “What can one person do, what is a course of action beyond striking?”

Because, if one is a creative, competitive, curious, sentient being, one will want—once one has discovered what one can do beyond striking—to Act.   If one thinks that “To know and not to act is not to know” is an imperative—if not the paradigm—by which one may identify intelligent life, then one wishes to identify one’s self as an intelligent being.

So one must act.

Intelligence, today, is often attributed to those with titles.  Here, we humans continue to make the same mistake as did serfs, who attributed desirable human characteristics to kings.  “Yes, the king is wise and benevolent.” “Our beloved king is kind and the smartest man in the kingdom.”  Who persuaded the serfs that the king held these desirable human characteristics?.  Do you think it might have been the kings’ troubadours, court jesters, singers, and scribes, all paid from the king’s purse?  And how did the king fill his purse?

And where does that politician get that money?

What does a politician do with someone who cannot be coerced, and who refuses to take a bribe?  A politician sanctions the kidnapping, captivity, torture, and often the death of a person who cannot to be coerced.  For how can a king let someone live who refuses to pay the tribute, who refuses to relinquish ownership of self, or ownership of the product of labors?  How can a king let someone live who no longer sees the king as wise, benevolent, kind, and smart?  How does a politician let someone live free who now sees the politician as an armed robber who is paying off the court troubadours, scribes, singers and jesters with money stolen from the that person?

And once one knows that these are the facts of the illusion that is called government—whether that government is of kings or princes, dictators or governors, presidents or politicians—then the game is up:  either we are living on honest earnings from free trade among individual people, or we are living on stolen money and goods taken from the honest workers through taxation, conscription, war-making and debasement of the currency.

Once one knows, one must act.  I have found ways to act that make me proud of the state of my own mind and integrity.  No, neither of these characteristics of my identity are perfect.  I am, after all, just another flawed human.  I am working on it, though.

But I know this much: to the extent that we know, we must act, or we do not know.

I know that those who employ coercive force against us, hiring thugs with the money stolen from us, are engaged in a marvelous game of smoke and mirrors, where we pay the hoodlum not to beat us.  When, as do many animals, we give way to the angry bully, hand over our fruit to the bigger ape, give the alpha wolf the best eating place on the kill, and thus spare ourselves from being beaten, hit, or bitten, we are striving to survive.  Animals resort to force to settle disputes.

Humans have been given the gift of reason, if only we will learn to use it.

But if humans allow this sub-human use of force to continue, then how are we better than the primates who beat each other to get the piece of fruit, or better than the wolf who snaps to secure the best morsel from the kill?

How do politicians reconcile their sanction of the use of force to take our property from us, and to direct our hard-earned wages to making wars, to fulfilling their royal whims?  How to politicians justify using force to seize ownership of our lives, our bodies, and our children?  How do politicians and other government employees reconcile the use of force with claiming to be humans of reasoning minds?

They cannot reconcile the use of force and the claims of wisdom, kindness, benevolence and intelligence.  Rather than becoming wise, kind, benevolent and intelligent, the politicians have chosen to use force. Just as did kings of old. They fill their purses by using armed robbery.

It is very easy to see who are the sub-humans in society, is it not?  Isn’t it time to stop putting money into the purses of the war-mongering, subhuman kings, no matter by what name you call these power-damaged people?


1 July, 2010

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