Women of the Earth, Time to Step Up for Peace

May 9th, 2010

I am a Woman, Mother, and Grandmother.  I teach Peace.  I ask you to teach Peace.

There is no reason I can think of why every woman on Earth should not be making a difference in the one place we can certainly make a difference: in our own families. We carry the culture, celebrate the milestones, and nourish and comfort.  How much easier our obligations will be when we have successfully taught our families Peace.

Teach Peace, do not celebrate war.  Teach your menfolks the truth of life: evolved humans find other ways to settle disputes than through warfare.  I am not speaking of passive acceptance of death here, for I believe every human has the fundamental human right to protect their life and the lives of those they love, as well as the fruits of their labours.

I am speaking of teaching our menfolk the folly of going to war for some leader, king, politician, dictator, or prime minister.  I am speaking here of teaching the refusal to kill anyone who is not directly threatening you or your family.  Begin now, to teach our menfolk that we need them as doctors, artists, builders, farmers, creators, space explorers: that we do not approve of any action they take on behalf of any leader, state, clan, tribe, religion, or government that enforces its edicts through violence, either at home or in other peoples’ lands.

Teach your menfolk that they must be keen shots and able to defend themselves and their loved ones–and learn to defend yourself, too.  Teach them to defend their homes, fields, farms, and children. Teach them that going to war on behalf of any institution that initiates force—whether through taxation, forced obedience to edicts, or through war industry and warfare—is an abomination to the entire concept of human rights and human intelligence.

We can each do this as individual women; daily, hourly, singing songs of brilliant men who are heroes because they refuse to take up arms for kings, politicians, or any other “leaders” who would send them off to kill people they do not know.  Teach your menfolk to be their own leader, for truly, their minds are as capable of right thinking, and perhaps more capable, than anyone who would call them to war as a means to settle a dispute or enforce some “law.”  Those who make calls to war are the power-damaged ones, the ones who lust for power over other humans.

Teach the menfolk right now—today—that they can be brilliant, blazing with beauty, and bountiful in service when they renounce warfare.  This warfare is a mindset that men have been taught in many cultures to believe is the gateway to their dreams of glory and power.  Give them new dreams of glory and power: dreams that do not include the shedding of innocent blood.

This Peace-teaching is the role for we Women of Peace; on an Earth whose men are crazed with warfare, damaged by power cravings, insane with lust for control, and addicted to the initiation of force to “win” over other humans.  Refuse to applaud war.  Refuse to pretend pride, when your heart is mourning the carnage and evil of war. Refuse to justify any leader using force against innocent and harmless people, whether in warfare, or in confiscation of peoples’ grain, goods, or gold.

For when leaders use force, in any instance whatsoever, they are making war. Leaders who are addicted to using force have power-damaged minds, and must not be followed. Humans are meant to cooperate voluntarily, not to be coerced violently.

Refuse to give kind words or any praise to warfare.  Refuse to sanction warfare. Refuse to sanction the initiation of violence for any reason whatsoever.  Expose the lies of those “leaders” who justify initiation of force.  If we Women of Peace do not raise the cultural standard—if we do not set the ethical standard for humans as a higher standard than that of beasts—then we are not doing our job.  Teach your menfolk that there are peaceful alternatives to the initiation of violence.  Teach your menfolk that there are brilliant alternatives to warfare.  And shame them if need be, to show them the error of their power-damaged minds.

Teach Peace.  Set your table with Peace.  Light the dinner candles for Peace.  Serve the bread with Peace.  Learn to defend yourself and encourage others to be able to defend themselves as well, but only against the individual who comes to your farm or apartment, your condo or tent, with evil intentions.  You have a human right to defend yourself and your property, for this is a right of every human on this Earth.

Do not go seeking war.  Do not go off to fight in wars.  Teach the menfolk that their death in warfare serves no good purpose, because they were born for peace, just as much as you were born for peace.  Teach them to stay home, and build a better life.

We Women give life.  Let us now protect life by teaching Peace.


Mother’s Day, 2010

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