The Synthesis of Three Fundamental Concepts

March 20th, 2010

If you want to read something beautifully refreshing and inspiring, and if you are not afraid to think, and to act, try this:

“Three fundamental steps of thought

First, everyone wishing to live in another world has to realize that this world does not simply come about by wishful thinking. Nor does it come around by applying the same “fixes” that broke our world. It does not even come about through talking, influencing the media or politics. There is only one path to that new world, and that path is gruesome.

The first step on that path is that we honestly have to deprogram ourselves from the learned methods of collectivist thought, mono-cultural thinking, top-down directing and hoping for the masses. I repeat: Do not waste your time in trying to fix politics, win over the masses or receive approval. You are on your own for now. While this might sound cruel it is still true. Every achiever is alone at first – and possibly for a long time.

Societies break down collectively, but they are only rebuilt individually.

The second step thus is to realize that you have to be a builder. That it is you, as a person, as an individual, that really needs to take action. There is no one you can or should wait for. Nor is there a blueprint that you just have to give to the architects of the future. Read carefully – if you do not act, nothing will be. If you do not implement your dreams, if you do not work for your goals, they will never come true. And even if they would – you would have no say in them, you would not own them. You would just be a free rider – and we despise free riders.

The third step is cooperation and competition. One of the biggest inventions of mankind was the division of labor, and the competitive market. I will not bore you with details since others have written about these things more eloquently, but let me make something very clear here: Neither cooperation nor competition works by sitting around idly. To compete, you have to create first. To cooperate, you have to have something to offer as a bargain. There is neither cooperation nor competition for those that do not produce first. You cannot sit around waiting for the market to fulfill your dreams and come up with the solutions for your problems. The market does not create. The market is solely the method that punishes your failures and rewards your achievements. That is why many people today hate free markets – because it will punish you.

The market brings nothing into existence – entrepreneurs do. People that take action and face reality. Individuals that invest, think, act, build – and then compete and cooperate. The market only amplifies the actions of those that do comparatively well while taking out those that only create waste. And everyone who does not produce calls for the latter. Makes you wonder why a society that always talks about how evolution did this or does that still does not get this simple concept.

Before continuing, be aware that the three steps mentioned above build on each other – and that they are only complete together. They do not stand alone.”

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