Resistance is Futile

March 5th, 2010

Resistance is Futile

Iloilo Marguerite Jones

March 4, 2010

History teaches that resistance, especially in the face of apparent and overwhelming opposition, is futile.

History teaches, if nothing else, that it is useless to flail against the inexorable march of time.  Today, we are observing the swift gathering of forces against which it is prudent to declare a complete and unconditional surrender.

History teaches us that even as these forces swiftly gather, those who resist change will continue their hysterical “run in circles, scream and shout” as they flail about with senseless gestures, and continue the erratic actions of those who know they are overwhelmed, but who refuse to admit their imminent defeat.  Once a contradiction in the cultural fabric has been exposed, the prognosis for that contradiction is, as it should be, imminent death of the contradiction.

History teaches us that fighting against the groundswell of opposing forces is going to get us … well … dead, or at the very least, discarded on the trash heap of worn out proselytes of useless philosophies.  Yet, look around you: observe all the individuals who are part of the old order institutions, still clinging religiously to their government and regulations, still showing a smiling face to a camera, while the sand on which they built their edifices of force, their empires of edicts, crumble beneath them.  Although they are increasingly ignored and derided, they continue to strut about in their costumes of importance, for they cannot conceive of any other way to live their comic lives. Yet, because they injure harmless people, and delegate others to render even more harm, their illusions have been dangerous to people of peace.   But the tide is turning.

History teaches that when an idea quickly becomes antiquated by new insights into the human condition, the old ideas are quickly discarded.  These insights give birth to memes, those fresh cultural cues being integrated into the human ebb and flow of ideas.  When the new cultural cues become part of the common language, we might as well stand aside, or, better yet, join the rest of humanity in jumping into vessels of action that take advantage of the rising tide of new ideas.  Because, you see, you cannot turn back the tide.

History teaches us that peace enhances prosperity, while war brings poverty.

It is time for those who are refusing to acknowledge the lessons of history to acknowledge that their day is past.  Fighting against the tide of public opinion does not work. All of history has taught us that the use of force has limited utility, and will only create enemies against those who employ force.  War, which is the use of force, creates waste and want, as well as death and destruction.  Peace creates opportunities for productivity and cooperation, as well as ingenuity and generosity.

It is time for those who have used force to cease flailing about, and to sit down, to be quiet, and to listen.

It is time for those who have refused to listen until now to pay attention, and to hear the groundswell of voices around them – surrounding them – those voices all saying, “Force is not the way to lead, and force is not the way to treat other humans. Making slaves of the people is not the same as protecting their freedoms.”

It is time for those bullies to understand that no one likes bullies, truth be told.

It is time for those who have relied on the use of force against others as the means to get their way—to build their fortunes, and to impose their will—to give up force, to give up war, and to give up the initiation of violence.  Refuse to follow orders that bring harm to harmless humans.

It is time to recognize that the new ideas of liberty, equality, voluntary association, and voluntary cooperation are gaining momentum, and are readily apparent in the cultural cues of this society.  These ideas of peaceful cooperation—of using logic rather than violence, and of persuasion rather than bombs—are flourishing around the Earth.

It is time to pay attention to the people who take the time to point out the dysfunctional, power-damaged thinking of those who think they can hold on to positions and possessions by employing force.  It is time to pay attention to those who are speaking the truth about the abuses of power.

It is time to acknowledge that peace is the new cultural meme.  Peace and voluntary cooperation are the tide of change rising around the world.

Join us, now, in peace and voluntary cooperation.

Resistance is futile.

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