Learn to Identify the Humans

February 28th, 2010

February 27, 2010

If you have the opportunity to convince one other human to give up the use of force, as well as to give up the delegation of the use of force against others, do so.

We cannot solve our social problems through force.  Our entire government supports itself through the use of force, no different than the kings and tyrants of old, who sent out their armed lords to steal the grain and cattle of the farmers.  Government has not changed in its major enterprise, you see: government by force still initiates force against harmless people.  Until all exchanges between individuals are voluntary, we will not have peace nor we will we advance as a species.

We cannot evolve while we make war on each other.

I do not see how we can solve any of our social problems as long as we accept that it is a proper social structure to have a government that is funded through force; no better than armed robbery.

Until we cooperate with each other in our social structures through voluntary associations and free markets, until we give up the use of force, we are still acting as sub-human creatures banging each other over the head with sticks to get what we want.  It is time to learn to engage in free trade, not force.

Free trade, not force.

If there is anyone who can justify the initiation of force, and convince me that the tax collector is an honest fellow, and not a minion of the tyrants of our time, come forth and show me the logic of forcing people to turn over what they have earned to anyone.  Show me how this is not armed robbery.

Until I am convinced, I will continue to state what I see as the truth:  any government employee who is paid with stolen money, or who initiated force to steal money from anyone, or who initiates force against anyone for any reason, or who benefits in any way from the initiation of force, is a sub-human creature who uses the initiation of violence, force, or fraud, to get their way, rather than logically and honestly offering a voluntary exchange of value.

Those who are still initiating force, or delegating the initiation of force, are at the same level as those primates who pick up a stick to bash another over the head so they can steal what they want. Perhaps it is because they have not yet learned how to properly use language.  Still sort of sub-humans, you know: reasoning and logic are beyond their levels of intelligence and grace.

Look around you, and learn to identify the humans from the sub-humans.

It gets easier every day.


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