A Sestina

November 14th, 2016


I watch with wonder this approach of Fall
How do trees know when to colour leaves?
How far can one goose hear the southern call?
Who tells the birds to fill the skies?
What signals orchestration of the freeze?
I wonder who it is who plans it all.

Today, I glimpsed a pattern to it all
In stretch of sky and soft leaf fall,
In icy lace of pond’s first freeze,
In last song as the warbler leaves.
I think I saw a hint in snowy skies
As all of Earth responds to timeless call.

If the geese flew lower, I would call
Them in and turn them, one and all,
To leave the labours of the icy skies,
And fill the fields, to glean the harvest fall
That the careless reaper always leaves
In stubble where the furrows soon will freeze.

Before the days grow short and dark and freeze,
Before the sun retreats too far to call,
Before the warmth of summer finally leaves,
I’d like to make a study of it all,
And parse this fascination that is fall,
To know it well from icy pond to graying skies.

But who am I to wish to read the skies?
As if it is a pattern I could freeze
In one still place and label it as “Fall”
And hold it static at my beck and call,
So that, with time, I could study it all,
Piece by piece, where nothing ever leaves.

Yet I wonder how I’d still patterns of leaves
That swirl their dance of colour in the skies,
Before they reach the fate that waits them all.
Before they fade and curl beneath the freeze.
I wonder – Does the Earth send each a call,
To tell each Dancer where to fall?

I think each of us leaves without the all-
Knowing reason for the call for Earth to freeze.
And do we dance a while on skies, before our time to fall?

© iloilo

Scriabin and Cooperative Anarchy

November 14th, 2016

Scriabin is my favorite composer.  Check him out.  I was listening to Scriabin when I “got” mutual-vector Calculus applications in high-energy physics and could “see” it happening.  I left Flatland.  🙂

I’ve not been around much for a while now.  There were heart issues to heal from Doug leaving, and from other things that happened around that time.  I hope I now return with greater wisdom, and with more compassion for our Earth and all Her living things, but especially for Humankind, my species. *<twinkle>*

I’m listening to Scriabin’s Preludes Op. 11, performed by Evelyne DuBourg, although I think my favorite artist for these Preludes is Ruth Loredo.  Horowitz does a nice job, too.

I think, amidst the disorder and collapsing of old structures that we see all around us, we are also being offered a wonderful opportunity to step forth and dare the creation of new structures based not on greed, addictions to power, insatiable materialistic lust, anger, and at the bottom of it all, of course, the fear.

I am suggesting that we are building new structures—new social structures, new solutions for old problems, through free markets and free minds.   Time to leave Flatland.  If old structures were built on initiation of force, caging people, enslaving people, greed, power addiction, and fear, then what shall form the foundation of this new structure of society?

I’d suggest we use as our foundation honor, courage, and love.  Let our fundamental human characteristics be balanced: compassion with objectivity;  justice balanced with mercy; trust balanced with self-defense; right of association balanced with cooperation; free markets balanced with free minds.  I think we have an opportunity to create intentional structures without hierarchy.  I am suggesting that there are alternatives to hierarchal government.  I am suggesting know that there are other ways to conduct the affairs of Humankind, in directions that lead us away from ignorance and darkness.

“No institution predicated on the use of force or fraud can prevail,” wrote Doug Buchanan.  He also wrote, “The net effect of government: diminish human potential; lessen quality of life; stagnate advance of knowledge; serve only the pleasures and egos of the hierarchy.”  Doug left a lot of notes for me, and I am only slowly sorting and publishing them, saying as close to the original words as possible.  Much of these times, we were also talking as he wrote.

And now I, solo me, am going to be writing more about Cooperative Anarchy, and hope you will join me here occasionally, enter into the discussion with your comments, and join the rising chorus of Humankind all over the world as we gather in peaceful consultation.  Let us dare toward peace. *<twinkles>*

I’m now back  to listening to Scriabin.

Toward entelechy,


14 November 2016

Cooperative Anarchy

November 7th, 2016

Cooperative Anarchy.  An alternative option to the structure of society. You can make it any way you want, just so it’s cooperatively. 


Live life your way.  Cooperatively.

iloilo  7 November 2016

“No institution predicated upon the initiation of fraud or force shall prevail.”

June 13th, 2016

What is a perfect meme to say this?  I want to find a way to articulate the logic of this statement as a meme.  That is the project for the near term.  Many of the attempts at problem-solving taking place among Humankind today are based in the assumption that some person can be granted a license initiate force or fraud in order to coerce other humans to acquiesce.

“No institution predicated upon the initiation of force shall prevail.” said Doug.

History repeatedly teaches us this.  And yet, if our leaders wanted us to disarm, for instance, they could set a good example for us to follow by first disarming themselves and their myrmidons.  They could set a brilliant example.  If they really believe what they are saying about arms, and if they really believed that we are all equal under the Law they would lead by example.  Simple.

They would, if leaders of foresight and conscience, already have disarmed themselves and their myrmidons, else they are just as lost as they claim the rest of us to be if we favor self-defense.

They could lead like Gandhi: from conscience.

We are evolving, and I think the next big leap in evolution is going to be the culturally universal emergence of a repugnance toward swinging a club or dropping a bomb to get what you want, and the shunning of those who continue to engage in initiation of force, whether physical or psychological.

Isn’t that what the best leaders, the world leaders we remember with fondness and pride and love, isn’t that what these leaders do?  Pythagoras, Jesus, Gandhi, Martin Luther, Einstein, de Broglie, Martin Luther King, Jr.  . . .  the list goes on and on. ( I am wondering how to best word another effective meme that conveys the message of leading by example, as true leaders must do.)  None of them employed force or fraud.  None of them preyed on the innocent.

I will find the meme for Doug’s words, and probably someone among the good leaders will have said it already.  Or it may come from you.  (Especially the Freedom Outlaws, Intertel members and Friends who might read this, I ask for your help.  *<twinkles>*

Carry on, carry on.

iloilo   12 June 2016


Now is the time for all . . .

June 9th, 2015

. . . good women to come to the aid of their Earth.

What’s your project? 

I realize that this sounds terribly enigmatic, but all I really mean is—what are you doing individually to make a small change?  Some have a minute and a penny.  Some have millions and time to kill.  It doesn’t matter.  Make whatever manifestation you can—make a change that makes you smile from your heart.

iloilo  8 June 2015