Another Meme to Inoculate the Cultural Matrix, Please

February 3rd, 2013

Well, all I can say is,

Better Armed than Harmed! ***

Please spread the meme, thank you.

***  There are better ways to resolve conflict, of course, and perhaps thus prove to the Universe that we are maturing a bit as the humankind species on this Earth, our home.  

What is a better way to resolve conflict than initiating violence?  

I ask sincerely, because there will always be some ones with bigger clubs, and they may not be from your culture.  

Therefore, we have great motivation to find a more socially acceptable means to resolve conflict, do we not?  

It would also be entirely too much fun to solve this puzzle, and set humankind free to do lots more interesting and fun stuff than kill each other.



One Response to “Another Meme to Inoculate the Cultural Matrix, Please”

  1. iloilo says:

    Ah, I see this was probably translated from Russian. Thank you for reading.

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