Why Are We Here?

December 11th, 2013

I ask each of you to ask of yourself, this question, which I will endeavor to make an effective question:

If I have a spirit, and that spirit has a purpose, then what is that purpose?

I occasionally ponder my spiritual purpose in being here, on Earth, at this time, connected with all the wonderful, compassionate people of great lovingkindness whom I am blessed to know. I have a totally magnificent Tribe!   I wonder why Doug had to leave, although he has shown me many reasons it was a grand, dramatic, and strategic exit, undertaken with incredibly meticulous planning.  And his total trust in me, as I had infinite trust in Doug.  

I smile when I read his notes, and watch unfolding so many things he told me would unfold.  And of course, one of the admonitions he left with me, besides that Patience is a Virtue, is that his words hold their meaning, and so far, he has been spot-on.

I remark on this because it is remarkable, and because it informs my Faith in a fashion that I would not have imagined possible only 23 months ago.  I doubted my own Faith, you see, as my human body responded to my husband’s escape with profound pain and shattered psyche.  I am slowly trudging out of the Valley of the Shadow.  His words hold their meaning.

I have been put in the enviable position of having been given a part of a map, but one which can only be seen by eyes connected to a brain that understands one of Doug’s last notes on the back of one of his cards.

“The Knowledge to cause your brain to cause your muscles to laugh.  No argument against it.  It is that Knowledge.  Try it.”

Since I am still here in this human body, I have more games to play, obviously.  I have more lessons to learn and teach (I sometimes fancy myself a student assistant of a brilliant Headmaster who teaches metaphysics every eighth term. We are in that term.)  So besides my regular activities of chopping wood and carrying water, I am at work on studying as hard as I can to learn as much as I can in this here/now, so that for myself alone, I can answer this question:

If I have a spirit, and that spirit has a purpose, then what is that purpose?

I know spirits have free will, and I am busy exercising mine, but I also come from a line of humans who seek meaning.  For a while it was loving and caring for Doug.  Before that, it was working in Human Rights while also making beautiful art.  And doing archaeology.  And some other stuff.

I am a simple artist, a potter and a painter, and from the depth of that simplicity, comes this answer:

I am a spirit, and I have a purpose, and that purpose is to manifest love and beauty.

I am writing my answer here, knowing it might change.   But this answer gives me a ledge to make a stand and to rest while I prepare for the next pitch.   

So, I now ask you who read here.  If you say you have no spirit, you are off the hook.  If you have a spirit, do you know it well enough to know some of its purpose?  It will have to do only with you, and no other person, even if they are richly and beautifully interwoven into the fabric of your life. 

If I have a spirit, and that spirit has a purpose, then what is that purpose?



7 December 2013 

For My Husband

August 8th, 2013

For My Husband

Douglas Leo Buchanan 19 May 1947 ~ 7 February 2012
August 7, 2013
In the days of war, he spoke for peace
In the days of servility, he spoke for free Humankind
In the days of slavery, he spoke against wars and taxation.
In the days of shadows, he stood as a Light.
In those days of Doug Buchanan, he made us think.
In those days of Doug Buchanan, he made us smile.
In those days of Doug Buchanan, he made us see ourselves.
In those days of Doug Buchanan, we played some Very Good Games.
In these days when corruption is mundane
In these days when money is held higher than Love,
In these days when Life is held cheap,
And we forget we are all Souls
Here to learn Great Lessons together
Lovingly provided by our very own
Most Worthy Headmaster,
Who shows us the Miracles of Love made Manifest,
I was blessed to be the Wife of Douglas Leo Buchanan.
He talked to Headmaster often,
I told him I was sure he was an A+ student,
And no doubt an Instructor as well.
Teaching Souls by his example of Honor.
In days when he had great courage
In days when he asked the hard questions
In days when he sometimes felt he stood alone
With only the Headmaster behind him.
He found me, and he came to claim me.
And we chose each other, following our hearts.
We lifted each other from behind old walls,
We resolved some of each other’s contradictions
We helped each other peel off old labels
We played in the Beauty of our Love.
We played beautiful Games of Magnificent Wonder
We celebrated our Love as Living Beings
We celebrated this Earth and Her Nurturing
And gave Thanks daily for the Wonder of our Love,
For the Beauty and Brightness of our Love.
We taught each other much about Manifesting
We gave each other Great Happiness
We gave each other our Deepest Trust
We sang our own Song in harmony with the One Verse.
In those days when Douglas Leo Buchanan walked this Earth
In those days when he taught the moral meaning of Anarchy —
That each Individual is responsible for our own Spirit, our own Life.
And I taught the logical and practical algorithm of Love
Each Individual Manifests Most Effectively from Love.
And we agreed that G*d, our Headmaster, was Love
And therefor the most effective Creator of All.
And those who knew less of Headmaster’s logic,
Simply had not asked enough questions.
Just as we had more questions to ask,
More ranges to cross.
In the days when our Spirits had met
And our bodies followed our hearts.
In the Days of Douglas Leo Buchanan.
I am honored he chose me to be his adventure partner.
He was well loved in his own time.
I am blessed beyond words.  Thank you my HM.
We carry on, here within the Mind of G*d.


~toward entelechy


This is just sooo cool to be able to share this. :) **

July 18th, 2013

Yooo Tribe and Family …

A few of us are working on this concept, and D and I were discussing the keys of interface between consciousness and the synaptic structure,with respect to the most effective keys to reconfigure the unfortunate “ruts” into which humankind so often falls.  One of the books he wrote about us has a huge discussion on this, IIRC.  :)  Then we decided to combine our games. *<twinkles>*  So, we set about introducing memes into the cultural matrix.  It is going pretty well so far.  Asking effective questions.  So we began with FIJA, where it has been pretty effective.  And we wrote on the Common Law.

Ethics=Applied L*gic for Humankind.

We were both convinced, prior to D’s escape, that L*ve and its electromagnetic manifestations (on a level far, far smaller than mouse whiskers, I might add, :) ), was the most effective form of energy which could be structured. We began to work to present this concept for the universal utilization of humankind, through audiences we might best reach.  Simply teaching other humans the highly effective means of manifestation which is L*ve.  I do not mean how you love spinach, either, or your new convertible.  I mean L*ve.  From Spirit.

Try it.  It is pretty cool stuff.  Operate from L*ve.  Just do it when you feel you can.  Take a test drive.  :)  YMMV.

But also allow for the L*gic of justice, which is an expression of social balance, after all.  Doug was adamant that we must “let logic roll!”  His term.  Through liberty’s tool, justice, we seek as humans to restore social, village, town, tribe, and global balance.  Doug and I have both written a whole bunch on this.  Think of the fantastic opportunities of non-local potential particles. :)  We have been thinking about this.  We game on.  I am laughing most brightly.

So, in case you want to play with us, there are a lot of other *<twinkles>* tribe members thinking about this stuff out there.  


iloilo 18 July 2013




Post Traumatic Stress

July 14th, 2013

Have you thought about this?

I have been noticing  a whole host of treatment options, modalities, and opportunities for healing the mental illness/medical condition known as PTS –Post Traumatic Stress.  This is a significant example of treating a symptom rather than the illness.

For if we look around, we will find that the primary infectious activity causing PTS is warfare.

The solution is elegantly simple.  One can prevent PTS by ending wars.  It would stop probably 98% of all cases of PTS.

As we lovingly encourage young people to avoid drinking and driving; as we encourage them to protect and care for themselves; let us also encourage them to avoid the military/industrial complex and its activities.  Start with the children who mow your yard, who work at the local gas station, who serve your morning coffee.  Teach them.

Peace Prevents and Heals PTS.

iloilo 14 July 2013


Anarchy or Chaos?

May 15th, 2013
Humankind discusses chaos as we go through these light-shifts of awareness.
Yes, chaos precedes change.  In fact, without some chaos, we could not create.  In Asian mythology, much of the dragon symbolism is tied to both destruction and creation, for it is out of destruction (perhaps the cutting down of  a tree) that creation (perhaps the building of a boat) can take place.
We will leave the quantum physics of it for a bit later; for a better lexicon.

On a more fundamental level of self, of course, we cannot create a new paradigm for ourselves without the breaking apart of the old paradigm bonds which held us at our prior level of conditioning/thinking.  Life* is about evolution, after all, and if we are not participating in life and its learning process, we are doing less than living.  That doesn’t mean it is easy for us, but it is appropriate if we wish to have our Hero journeys.

I think that since the time Doug was diagnosed, I have witnessed so many old paradigms being smashed into little bits and being replaced with new, crystalline clarity of expanded paradigms, at least for me,  at such a fundamental level of awareness, that I can even name some of them:

Concepts arising from fundamental awareness are Universal in nature.

Awareness, or consciousness, is eternal.
Families are more of spirit than blood.  Doug and I called ours Tribe, or Spirit Family. (Same here at this fire, of course.)
Love can transcend all limitations.  Really. ;)
I am far less limited than I admit.  But there is comfort in the familiar boundaries I created, so I look for positive incentives to change.  Jumping out or ruts, we called it.
There are unlimited positive incentives for change.  Love, laughter and abiding appreciation of beauty  and magnificence are among them.
I can change my boundaries, beliefs, and actions with intentional consciousness, as we called it.
I am no longer sure we have any limits.
I am worthy of far more love than I heretofore knew existed. ;)
In many situations where one might consider death the only option, there remain other options, perhaps an unlimited number of options. ;)
There are bigger Plans and more beautiful Paths than I can at present comprehend.;)

Yes, as people abandon war, and abandon initiating violence, we will begin to see less chaos.  Is not war chaos?

(I have written a lot about this hour being the time to quit using clubs and all their humankind manifestations.
Through cooperative, voluntary, peaceful, Agorist Anarchy, we can begin to learn cooperative peace.   Not coercive peace, which is what governments pretend to impose with their warfare, but cooperative peace that does not need any politicians of self-styled “leaders”  for humans to be in accord.

I am wonderfully blessed to be a part of the international Agora and Peace communities.  I am often asked to speak or write of alternatives for humankind that are based on voluntary cooperation, free markets* (a comment on this in a moment), non-coercive social structures, and peaceful ways to live.

*Someone commented negatively on a ticket (to hear the Dali Lama) that someone had “scalped” to someone.  Why is this bad?  There was no coercion or fraud: two individuals voluntarily agreed to an exchange of value. Perhaps the seller needed the money to pay for, say, vet fees for a beloved pet.  Perhaps the buyer came into funds to go at the last minute and was happy to pay the asking price.  This was a peaceful, voluntary exchange between two people.  Let them be.  Who are we to make a judgement on this?  We would all like to see the heart-warming act of someone giving someone a ticket out of love, but there may be reasons of love behind the actions of these people of which we know nothing.  To condemn such a transaction because our government-saturated culture condemns free markets and free exchanges does not make this action in any way unethical: no force or fraud was used, and that is the test for ethical human actions, is it not?

The veil of government protection is pervasive in this societal structure, and it is a silly drama without basis among those with an understanding of human nature.

For you see, humans do not elect morally superior people: they elect financially and photogenically superior people, if “superior” is the right words to use.
Humankind now begins to learn the fundamental difference between chaos and anarchy, which is self-governance, after all. Government preaches fear of chaos.  Chaos and anarchy are not at all the same social structure. 
True leaders arise naturally among people (once they are not indoctrinated by mass media conditioning) and are leaders because they LIVE the good and ACT from the good.  Thus they are leaders.   And some who posture as leaders for a government based on coercion, force, and fraud, will be shunned.  Cast out.  Peace will prevail, so come join us on this side of the chasm.
There are mighty dragons shifting the scenery of this drama on Mother Earth, and all around us, there is chaos.  
If we will stand in our own center of peace and ethical action, we can serve as light-bringers for others around us.  And that is the most remarkable and wonderful change that I see growing out of the chaos.
*remember, when I said, a long time ago, that Life is Awareness making Love with Existence.
 Aren’t we the Awareness?  What are You, God, Creating as you Make Love with the Infinite IS?

~toward entelechy


“Let us study here on Earth the things that mean most in Heaven.”